Bayonetta 2 Dazzles in Latest Nintendo Direct

Bayonetta 2, an upcoming Wii U exclusive from Platinum Games, starred in the latest Nintendo Direct. Viewers got to see even more of the self-proclaimed “Non-stop Climax Action Game” in motion. Some of the things touched on were combat mechanics, costumes, and online co-op content.

Combat is tighter than ever, with the developers claiming that the controls are so intuitive that it will be as if players are controlling the titular heroine with their minds alone. Players will get new weapons and upgraded mechanics to experiment with too. Witch Time slows time around you after a perfectly timed dodge, allowing you to abuse enemies with near impunity and building up magical power for your more devastating techniques: Torture attacks will focus on single targets and deal heavy damage, while Umbran Climax will provide enhanced power and range to Bayonetta‘s normal attacks for the duration of its effect. Proper usage of these techniques are needed when trying to increase your score and look like a badass, which is the entire purpose of games in this genre.

Previously, all new Nintendo themed costumes were announced for the Wii U upgraded port of Bayonetta, which is packaged with the with incoming sequel. Today it was confirmed that not only will Nintendo costumes be in both games, but Bayonetta 2 will feature an exclusive Star Fox costume. In Bayonetta 2, costumes will provide cosmetic effects, as well as some new moves. The Samus costume will allow players to roll into a morph ball, while the new Star Fox costume turns Bayonetta‘s guns into miniature Arwings that fire lasers and are capable of using the signature lock-on shots.

The news that got me most excited was the in depth look at the online-only two player mode “Tag Climax.” In it, players will engage in competitive co-op, challenging scenarios together while each tries to be more stylish than the other. Halos, a currency in the Bayonetta series, can be earned upon successfully completing challenges, and Halo bets are placed before battles to increase difficulty. Tag Climax also allows players to choose a character other than Bayonetta, with Jeanne having been announced before, and now Rodin has been revealed as playable too. Each character has their own fighting style, and Rodin’s is somewhat reminiscent of the Beowolf move list in Devil May Cry 3.

Overall, it was a great showing for the title, providing good news for hardcore fans, those interested in casually stepping into the genre, and the Nintendo faithful. If you missed the Bayonetta Direct you can catch it below.

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