Awesomenauts Is Your PS Plus Game Of The Month For May

  • Reman

    This game can’t come soon enough.

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    Will Begin at 1:58

    What do you think? Glad to see a lot more of the Freelencer back story?
    Here’s a better version of the clip

  • Jeanie Roudebush

    Hey, I was taking into consideration attending Pax East this year in Boston, but I had a problem I was questioning about. So I’m mindful that there will be demo’s and such for upcoming games, but I would like to know.

    Since I am under the age of 18, would I be authorized to perform demos for games which are rooting for a M ranking the moment they are released? (eg. Bioshock : Infinite, Borderlands 2)

    As in, Do they treatment at all if you are a slight enjoying a most probable M rated game?

    Thanks in Advance


  • Dollie Mccrystal

    I would like to persuade my mother and father to consider me to Pax East (I dwell in Massachusetts). I am fourteen and was questioning if there was an age restriction to go.

  • Cliffy N

    Guild wars two hasn’t had a release date yet but with the recent PAX East have they revealed anything about it at all?

  • Joey 01

    My brothers e-mail account was disabled recently and now he cannot access his PSN account. Is there any way he can swap out his current disabled email for a different without being able to log in to the PSN account?

  • borabora5524

    Hey, I was considering attending Pax East this year in Boston, but I had a question I was wondering about. So I’m aware that there will be demo’s and such for upcoming games, but I would like to know.

    Since I am under the age of 18, would I be allowed to play demos for games which are rooting for a M rating once they are released? (eg. Bioshock : Infinite, Borderlands 2)

    As in, Do they care at all if you are a minor playing a most likely M rated game?

    Thanks in Advance


  • colingrillo

    You pay $18 for a three month subscription and you get free games like Trine 2, Awesomenauts, Rock of Ages…
    You get free PS mini games, most suck to be honest but some are gems…
    You get free PSone classics…
    and now after E3 you will get 12 triple AAA titles for free each month starting with LBP 2, Saints row 2 and Infamous 2.
    All this for $18 or even cheaper $50 for an entire year… Themes and Avatars are also free (SOME)
    Every month free games on ps plus changes…. now its actually every week

  • Chris R

    Or “E3 of the east”

  • Jermaine J

    I think Supergiant was giving away Bandanas at Pax East. Is there still anyway to get a hold of one currently, or is anyone selling any?


  • morbiusdog

    One of the reasons for the fall of the Roman empire was
    A) reforms put in place by Constantine.
    B) economic problems, including increased taxes and inflation.
    C) a decrease in the number of soldiers in the military.
    D) strict laws put in place by Diocletian.
    Which of the following was one of Diocletian’s reforms?
    A) He divided the empire in two.
    B) He provided free food and entertainment to Roman citizens
    C) He issued the Edict of Milan
    D) He issued the first written law code.
    The event that marked the end of the Western Roman empire was
    A) Diocletian’s failure to keep the Huns from conquering Rome.
    B) Constantine moving the capital of the Roman empire east to Constantinople.
    C) the collapse of trade within the Roman empire.
    D) the defeat of the western Roman emperor by Odoacer.
    After the Pax Romana, weak leaders and economic troubles hurt the Roman empire.
    A) True
    B) False
    Rome endured a period of civil war after Diocletian stepped down from power and before Constantine was proclaimed the new emperor.
    A) True
    B) False
    Attila overthrew the last Roman emperor in the west.
    A) True
    B) False
    The increased size of Rome’s army and a prolonged economic crisis threatened the stability of the Roman empire after the last of the Good Emperors died.
    A) True
    B) False
    A flood of foreign currency into Rome as a result of increased trade caused growing inflation after the Pax Romana.
    A) True
    B) False

  • Alun J

    I really want BF3 for ps3 but don’t have the money if anyone has battlefield 3 and bought it recently off of the psn store i will be willing to gameshare it with you if your interested comment below

    ~~~~Game List~~~~~
    Rock of Ages
    Farcry 2
    Dragon Age Origins
    Shank 2
    Plants vs Zombies
    Trine 2
    Accsess to ghost recon future soldier beta
    From Dust
    Fallout New Vegas honest hearts
    Sonic the hedge hog 2
    + all games availble for free now for ps plus :3

    if your interested and not a scammer comment below of what games u want ( you can even take all them if you want i really want BF3)

  • skillz

    ok does anybody know where i could get a demo or full game of awesomenauts for free or give me a code or something i need this badly
    i forgot to mention that im on pc not xbox

  • JackReynolds

    I really want to stick to the online ones where you could play with other people. I’m already thinking about getting Awesomenauts.

  • Dana G

    the account im trying to sell off has over 130 games on it tons of dlc and just under 1,000 rock band songs tied to it.. after adding everything up ive paid a little over $3,000 for the account im looking to let it go much cheaper obviously.. do any of you know where is a good trustworthy site to post this thing and get it sold ? craigslist just isnt cutting it
    if by chance anyone here is interested here is a list of the games
    Saints row 2, the walking dead, the walking dead episode 2, mortal Kombat, ratchet and clank all 4 one, war hammer 40k, house of the dead 3, tomb raider, Lara croft guardian of light, just cause 2, chop lifter hd, hard corps, virtua fighter 5, little big planet 2, rock of ages, far cry 2, tribe 2, swords and soldiers, plants vs zombies, frogged returns, the Simpsons, fatal inertia, golden axe, sonic the hedgehog 2, streets of rage 2, altered beast, comix zone, bomber man , elemental monster online, costume quest, hamster ball, marvel pinball, inferno pool, hydrophobia: prophecy, I must run, 1000 tiny claws, omgz, awesomenauts, speedball 2, sly cooper, destruction derby, jet Moto, oddworld, all zombies must die, worms ultimate mayhem, twisted metal black, shank, shank 2, Gotham city impostors, sonic the hedgehog 4, renegade ops, magic the gathering, zombie apocalypse, zombie apocalypse 2, ghostbusters, burnout crash, beathazard, sideway new York, metal slug 2, Odin sphere, castlevaynia harmony of despair, crisis, dead nation, dead nation 2, acceleration of suguri, dungeon hunter alliance, god of war, xenogears, sonic adventure, free realms, ricochet, worms, worms 2, pain, high velocity bowling, mortal Kombat 2, castle crashers, aquatopia, mesmerize, marvel vs Capcom 2, battlefield 1943, final fantasy 7, infamous 2, rag doll Kung fu, burn zombie burn, castlevaynia chronicles, age of booty, super street fighter hd remix, linger in shadows, geon, burnout paradise, wipeout HD, megaman 9, nova strike, war hawk, street fighter alpha, bionic commando, bionic commando 2, gripshift, pixel junk Eden, pixel junk monsters, 1942, tekken 5 dark resurrection, super stardust, PAC man championship edition, Tetris, wake boarding hd, age of zombies, angry birds,Armageddon riders, neutopia, resident evil 2, resident evil 4, go sudoku, soldner x, battle fantasia JUST ADDED saints row the third with $20 worth of dlc, outland and bloodrayne

  • Harriet W

    1. The historian Tacitus famously said of the Pax Romana that
    A. “Rome conquered foreign territories, but foreign cultures conquered Rome.”
    B. “Rome conquered the world in self-defense.”
    C. “Rome made a vast desert and called it peace.”
    D. “Rome’s burden was to govern the world.”

    2. Maps of the Hellenistic world and the Roman Empire at their respective peaks would show that
    A. the Roman Empire stretched farther east but not as far west.
    B. the Roman Empire stretched farther west but not as far east.
    C. the Roman Empire stretched farther west and east.
    D. the Hellenistic world stretched farther west and east.

    3. Which of the following emperors restructured the government by dividing the empire into two separate areas?
    A. Constantine
    B. Diocletian
    C. Theodosius
    D. Justinian

    4. The Edict of Milan, issued in 313,
    A. pardoned all Christians for their past sins.
    B. permitted Christians to worship openly.
    C. demanded that all pagans convert to Christianity.
    D. made Christianity the state religion.

    5. Which of the following emperors converted to Christianity?
    A. Trajan
    B. Diocletian
    C. Constantine
    D. Marcus Aurelius

    6. Which group of barbarians defeated a Roman army in 378 and then sacked Rome in 410?
    A. Visigoths
    B. Vandals
    C. Huns
    D. Ostrogoths

    7. Justinian’s accomplishments included all of the following EXCEPT
    A. the temporary reconquest of much of lands in north Africa and western Europe.
    B. the construction of the magnificent church, Hagia Sophia.
    C. the codification of Roman law in the Corpus Iuris Civilis.
    D. building a vast set of landward walls to protect Constantinople from outside threat.

    8. Under Augustus Caesar, the Roman Empire
    A. experienced years of domestic upheaval.
    B. witnessed the abolition of the Senate.
    C. returned to the old republican political traditions.
    D. moved along the path toward military dictatorship.

    9. In a challenge to Emperor Anastasius I, Pope Gelasius I insisted that
    A. emperors had power, but priests had authority.
    B. hierarchical political institutions conflicted with the ideal of Christian brotherhood.
    C. Christians owed no allegiance to the imperial government.
    D. an emperor had no legitimacy unless he was crowned by the pope.

    10. Which Silver Age Latin poet wrote sixteen satires expressing his outrage at contemporary Roman society?
    A. Tacitus
    B. Juvenal
    C. Livy
    D. Seneca

    11. What new literary genre did Horace help to create?
    A. satire
    B. tragedy
    C. odes
    D. epic poetry

    12. Which of the following statements about Galen is NOT true?
    A. He expanded knowledge of anatomy by dissecting human corpses.
    B. He wrote more than 500 medical treatises.
    C. He remained the West’s chief medical authority until the middle of the seventeenth century.
    D. He served as the court physician to a number of emperors.

    13. During the imperial period, Roman law developed in all of the following ways EXCEPT
    A. emperors assumed the power to make law themselves.
    B. the ratification of the Twelve Tables eliminated legal distinctions among different classes.
    C. specialists in the science and theory of law rose to greater prominence.
    D. Roman laws were codified.

    14. The most famous epic poet of Roman literature was
    A. Virgil.
    B. Ovid.
    C. Homer.
    D. Horace.

    15. The love poems of Ovid are remembered for their
    A. efforts to raise the level of morality among the Romans.
    B. overt sexuality.
    C. sexual views, which anticipate Christian values.
    D. tenderness toward women.

    16. Seneca was famed as both a thinker and
    A. a man of action.
    B. an emperor.
    C. a musician.
    D. a writer of tragedies.

    17. How does Rome’s Silver Age of literature differ from its Golden Age?
    A. The Silver Age invented more new literary genres.
    B. The Silver Age was more likely to employ patriotic themes.
    C. The Silver Age was more original in its literary offerings.
    D. The Silver Age emphasized aesthetics rather than morals.

    18. Tacitus wrote his historical works to
    A. celebrate the great achievements of the Pax Romana.
    B. trace the decline of political freedom in Rome.
    C. illustrate the rule of powerful and successful emperors.
    D. win favor from the emperors.

    19. Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius were among the leading proponents of
    A. Cynicism.
    B. Stoicismc.
    C. Neo-Platonism.
    D. Epicureanism.

    20. Late Roman Christian authors
    A. adopted Aristotle’s writings but ignored the rest of classical literature.
    B. combined classical with biblical learning.
    C. burned classical writings because they seemed to contradict Christian beliefs.
    D. ignored classical writings and pioneered new styles appropriate to Christian themes.

    21. In The City of God, Augustine asked and answered which of the following questions?
    A. Where did evil originate?
    B. Why did God create the world?