Attack On Titan S2 – Episode 31 Review

Attack on Titan Season 2 has been a joy to watch. Wit Studio’s animation and editing is as beautiful as ever and has consistently delivered week after week. Episode 31 was no exception; in fact, it was phenomenal.

-massive spoilers for Attack on Titan anime beyond this point-

Episode 31 begins right after the battle at Castle Ysgard. Ymir just revealed herself as a shifter to everyone and tensions are high. 

Christa is no longer Christa. Her real name is Historia Reiss and is of royal blood. All these things are coming to light and everyone is doing their best to keep up with all these new questions.

That’s when it hits. The insane reveal that has likely blown minds across the world. As everyone is wrapping their head around everything and getting ready to retreat back to Trost, Reiner pulls Eren to the side and reveals that him and Berthold are titans. In fact, they are the colossal and armored titan that wreaked havoc in his hometown five years earlier. Just like that. Casually. As if it that would go down well with Eren.

Never in the history of plot twists, insane reveals, and most painful back stabs has a reveal like this been so casual. It’s almost like a side conversation. It feels like there was no build up, that it was just out of nowhere.

But that’s the thing. They were always building up to the reveal. Most conversations, scenes, and gestures between Berthold and Reiner contained a double meaning that no one knew about. Go back and watch some old episodes. It’s completely different. Knowing what they actually mean and how wicked everything is. As fans, we should truly appreciate the level of storytelling the author, Isayama, reached and how beautifully he set everything up. Wit Studio also deserves a round of applause for how beautifully they animated the scene.

It is beautiful but heart wrenching. The shifting animation as both Berthold and Reiner change into their titan forms. Reiner grabbing Eren and then falling down the wall. Eren with tears in his eyes remembering all the memories of companionship he had with Berthold and Reiner. The orchestra playing a sad symphony in the background. The lighting hitting Eren as he shifts midair and swings towards Reiner. So much emotion and passion in those seconds, that as a viewer you have no choice but to have your eyes glued to the screen.


Episode 31 of Attack on Titan was a masterpiece, but the action is barely getting started. Make sure not to miss Episode 32 on Crunchyroll and Funimation next Saturday to see what happens next.

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