Astro A40 TR Headset and MixAmp Review


I’ve always been one to stick with stock headsets that come with my consoles. I’ve relied on stock equipment for so long that I thought it’d be silly to own $250 headset, but with so much money invested in TVs, consoles, and gaming setups, why draw the line here.

Astro headsets have been around in E-Sports and gaming for a very long time. You can find their headsets in the homes of casual gamers, on Twitch streams, and all over MLG tournaments. This year they’ve been gearing up to create a headset that brings the “Pro Gamer” out from the average gamer. With the newly released Astro A40 TR headsets, anyone can be an MLG player anywhere they want.


The new A40 TR headsets come with a wired headset and a brand new modified MixAmp. The headset comes with cloth ear cushions, a mic, and speaker tags.

What’s really neat about this headset is that everything is customizable. Astro has created a mod kit that you can purchase that comes with noise-cancelling ear cushions, closed-back speaker tags, and a voice-isolating mic. You can switch out the cloth ear cushions with soft leather, also soundproof cushions for ma ore enhanced in-game experience. If you prefer, you can also switch out the mic for when you’re playing multiplayer and communication with your team is pivotal for your success.


The sound clarity with this headset is absolutely outstanding. The crisp, crystal clear sound that you hear places you directly in the game. Now, when modded out with the noise cancellation cushions, there is a major drop in the noise and chatter you’d hear originally. The standard mic and mod kit’s voice-isolating mic is superb.

The A40 TRs offer Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 surround through a digital optical port that is placed in the back of the console. That cord connects to your MixAmp, which is where you’re able to control your game volume, game chat, and voice-to-game ratio. The MixAmp is really the key to success for the A40’s.


The only disadvantage I found has been with the wired MixAmp. We live in an era where wireless is better and more preferred. I would’ve loved a wireless MixAmp but I don’t think that’s possible without it being somewhat faulty. Wired always gives the best quality and clarity with gaming headphones. Luckily the wires that accompanied the MixAmp were long enough to accommodate my gaming setup. It’s completely worth it with how fantastic the sound comes through with this Astro A40 TR Headset and MixAmp combo.


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