Be Amazed with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Launch Trailer

Mankind Divided

With only five more days to go until launch, Eidos sends out their last Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer. In it, fights and shines in a world torn apart.

Deux Ex: Mankind Divided official launch is getting nearer and nearer and Square Enix wants to make us jump with hype. Oh, well, they may have just done it again with their new trailer. This one comes rather straight-forward and devoid of any of the controversies that splashed previous ones. It may not be its most unforgettable one… but it certainly brings us to that world of 2029, after the Aug incident. Violence and chaos have reached an almost unstoppable rhythm and it falls on Adam Jensen to unravel the worldwide conspiracy that threatens the future of many.

Mankind Divided

[blockquote cite=”Adam Jensen”]If you try and rip the world apart, someone will always put it back together. You can kill dreams, you can kill innocents, you can kill freedom. But you can’t kill progress. [/blockquote]

The trailer clearly delves into the so called “mechanical apartheid”. This is, a movement of oppression against the mechanically augmented, spurred by the Illuminati corporation. The apartheid has come hand in hand with an escalation of crime and terror. The world teeters by its limits. Amidst all, the figure of Adam Jensen and the Juggernaut collective, fighting the men and women responsible for it all. It’s not all about fights though – it’s also about who you trust.

The new Deux Ex maintains the RPG and stealth elements that gamers and critics so much acclaimed from Human Revolution. Plus plenty of action-packed scenes on top and plenty of new weapons, of course. Each decision will have its consequences within the game and the broad of world schemes. The Augmented oppression needs to come to an end, that’s the definition of Jensen’s progress.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming next Tuesday, August 23, for all platforms.

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