Adam Showcases the Potential of Unity


Unity is proving that their capabilities are reaching high after 11 years of ongoing development. The Adam demo is the latest example that showcases its rendering powers – on top, they leave us longing for more!

Adam is the way chosen by unity to tell the world that their engine is really closing gaps with its big siblings, like Unreal or CyEngine. The demo is captured in real time, was built for the 5.4 beta version and features an amazing addition: the cinematic sequencer tool. It runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980 and uses the CaronteFX tool for the cinematics.

All in all, the result is pretty amazing and it foretells a bright future for all developers out there.

The Asimov vibe is big on this one…

Adam: The Story Behind the Demo

We would be lying if we did not mention that a major role in this demo, technical wonders aside, is the damn good story that unfolds within. The folks at Unity manage not only to capture us in a universe that is visually appealing, they leave us longing for more. Let’s put it this way: we would not mind playing this title if it came to it. And we cannot but remember how Kara, a Quantic Dream demo, ended up in the videogame we know nowadays as Detroit: Become Human.

Funnily enough, both demos tackle the everlasting topic of robots and android figures – yet, from different perspectives. Whereas Kara and the androids of Detroit develop their own consciences, Adam teases a world in which human inner selves are “implanted” into robotic bodies. We know about this early in the demo as Adam Thomas, the protagonist, wakes up in his new carcass and panics. He seems to be an inmate of some sort within a facility. His Odyssey has just started.

Don’t worry folk: robotic saviors on the rescue!

As he steps out of his cell we discover that there are dozens and dozes like him, carefully under the watch of a very distasteful crew. Who are these people and where are we? And only when you thought you had enough questions, an random pair of redeemers appear on the horizon. They have a ronin-like appearance and are quite possibly the heralds of another robotic order. Who knows. They march in silence and Adam, and the others, follow their steps. Not a single drop of dialogue in the whole demo.

Coming Soon

Even if the story ends there and this is just a glimpse of what Unity can do, it’s a pretty nice presentation of the engine’s cinematic sequencer tool. The team says that a usable version will happen soon so if you happen to be a videogame developer, you know what’s next.

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