Adam Jensen Gruffly Gives Us the 101 Tour of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The fittingly lengthy new ‘101 Trailer’ showcases much of what EidosDeus Ex: Mankind Divided can do, in a deliciously explosive and action-packed way.

Adam Jensen’s ‘Keanu Reeves meets Clint Eastwood’ gruff voice is our tour guide. And this whopping six-minute trailer really is the 101 that its title promises. Eidos’ new Deus Ex game takes place in 2029 – two years after the conclusion of 2011’s Deus: Human Revolution – and it looks as if the state of the world has rolled somewhat downhill since. That game featured the early rumblings of unrest beginning to gather momentum as the tensions between ‘Augs’ and ‘Non-Augs’ rose to a fever pitch. This game shows us what happened when those tensions broke.

Mankind Divided seems to be set primarily in Prague, and features Adam as part of an anti-terrorist Interpol team. As the title suggests there has been a civil war of sorts, and the situations Adam will find himself in are understandably incendiary. Luckily Mr Jensen will be packing all manner of goodies with him in his quest to secure order. “Explosive nanoblades”, an incredibly cool exo-skeleton shield, and all manner of tricks old and new will aid players who can choose to blow the doors down, or opt to sneak in through the window.

The game’s publisher Square Enix has presented three different editions of the game for its 23rd August release date. The regular Day One edition will be $59.99 and will come packaged with an OST sampler, an extra mission for the main campaign, a ‘Covert Agent Pack’ – which will include upgrades, new weapons, and re-skins – and some digital books. These will be an art book, a comic, and a novella. The deluxe edition will be $89.99, and will include all of the above plus a season pass for all DLC. Finally, the Collector’s edition will be $139.99 and will include all of the above in addition to a nine-inch Adam Jensen figurine, a fancy gold and black game box shaped like a prism, and a 48-page Titan art book.

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