Activision-Blizzard Announces Better-Than-Expected Second Quarter 2012 Financial Results

  • potential

    Always wondered if this game was any good…

  • DuckieM10

    I cannot access the Flight Log Data Base, but each building Cathonian millatery base does not contain it. I do not se how this works, but please give me an answer if you can
    i just couldn’t find what structure to find it in.

  • borabora5524

    Just wondered if anyone knows the reason that steam are releasing the came “Call of duty modern warfare 2” 2 days later than everybody else?

  • turg143

    Im going mad playing this game. I have the best connection out of anyone I know. On psn or otherwise.. Yet somehow Im getting owned by laggers. I don’t see how Im doing so bad with such a great connection… and im not new to it i have over a 2.0 kd

  • apleaforbrandon

    I need to know so I canm tell opff my cousins that Justinge3 is completely real and that his parents probably work for activision.

  • wwwavid360gamercom

    And what portion comes from its other constituent parts?

  • sam N

    Has it been leaked yet as to what the “insubordination” and “breach of contract” entailed?

  • PoohBearPenguin

    because i hear that games like cod6 and guitarhero 5 that are huge are going to make a huge profit probably. There previous games are famous so im guessing that it might be a good choice b4 those 3months arrive. I’m 15 by the way. so is it a good idea to invest my money in activision or not, please tell me why or why not.

  • TommyKay

    What is the relationship between Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Activision? I was just curious because I know that all 3 are related to the COD series and I was wondering who has the final say in what goes into the COD games?
    I thought that Activision was involved in every COD game. It appears that Infinity Ward and Treyarch switch every time, but Activision is in the loading screen every time. So what is the relationship between the 3 companies?