A Super Smashing Super Smash Bros. Rundown

Nintendo aired an extensive look at their new Super Smash Bros. games recently, and there was a ton of information. In case you missed it, we’ve compiled some of the big announcements.

The first big news was that the two versions won’t be releasing together. The 3DS version is set to come out earlier, in Summer 2014, and the Wii U edition will come later, during the Winter. The two versions will have different feature sets and stages, but will have the same roster of new and returning fighters, and they will also connect with each other in a ways that Nintendo has yet to announce.

Changes to the roster Super Smash Bros. besides the new fighters Rosalina, Mega Man, and Little Mac, include significant tweaks to the characters returning to the series. Captain Olimar now carries less Pikmin with him, but they are plucked in a specific order and their effectiveness is more deliberate. Kirby has a new move called the Hammer Flip, which will damage you if charged for too long. Yoshi now stands upright, which seems to have increased his strength.

super smash bros nintendo direct
Oh yeah, Greninja and frigging Charizard are entering the ring too!

For the fighting aficionados, the frame count is imperative to perfect combos. Nintendo announced that the fighters will move in 60 fps, even when the 3DS’ 3D mode is enabled. Some assist trophies and Pokémon will move in 30 frames per second, but these weren’t specified.

Here at TGF we’ve also detailed the new multiplayer modes, the differences between the two versions and why it’s okay that they’re being released separately, and more. To see the new characters, moves and stages in action, check out the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct below.

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