5 Cozy Games You Should Definitely Play

In today’s gaming world, you have hundreds of games that offer stunning graphics, immersive storylines, and complex gameplay that can take hours to complete, but sometimes after a long day of work or school, all you want to do is to play a game that will help you unwind and relax. Here are 5 cozy games that you should definitely be playing.

The Cult of the Lamb

Available on: Switch, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox, PC

This game centers around a lamb who gets a second chance at life from deities, but there’s a catch; they have to build a cult. As a cult leader, you collect and build resources for your cult, such as shelter and bathrooms. You perform sermons to make sure you have a strong following. You can perform rituals such as making cult members fight or cursing them to eat poop. Finally, you destroy and punish the non-believers.

As crazy as this sounds, this game is a lot of fun. If you like farming, building, and a little fighting in games, this is the game for you. When I first started playing this, I couldn’t put it down.

Cozy Grove

Available on: Switch, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox, PC

In this game, you play as a Spirit Scout on a haunted campground, and your job is to uncover the locals’ secrets and help bring joy and color back into their world. This game gives Animal Crossing vibes, but each day offers something unique the adventures on this island are constantly changing, so you’re always energized.

I found myself obsessed with uncovering all the hidden things the game provided. I wanted to know more about the locals and the campgrounds. I also enjoyed the tasks of fishing, decorating, and cooking. The only downside is that this is a game you have to play every day if you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Available on: Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, iOs, and Android

Yes, this is a crazy title for a game, but it has an even wilder plot. You play as a turnip who gets in trouble for evading taxes, and you must go on an adventure to fight a corrupt vegetable government.

On your adventure, you’re equipped with tools and weapons to help you along the way. In your journey, you will encounter enemies and meet your vegetable peers, who will provide side quests to tackle.

This game wasn’t anything I expected at all. The plot was super out there and unpredictable; while adding a very dark and unexpected layer about how this vegetable world came to be. It’s a very short game and can be completed in 2-3 hours.

Also, a sequel Turnip Boy Robs a Bank is expected to drop this year.

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

Available on: PS4 and Nintendo Switch

This is a rhythm game where you can create your own custom Final Fantasy party from characters from I-XV and the spinoff games such as Tactics, Crisis Core, and X-2.

In this game, you get to explore the music from Final Fantasy and the different bosses and enemies from each game. You can use different summons and set different abilities for each party member. There are over 300+ songs that you playthrough in this game.

This is my favorite game to play before bed. It reminds me of how amazing the music is from the Final Fantasy franchise. The songs can transport you back to a particular scene or world. I have fun mixing and matching party members from different franchises and revisiting those special musical moments in the games.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Available on: Switch, PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox, PC

Get transported to the magical world of Disney. In this game, you live in a magical valley populated by various Disney and Pixar characters suffering from a curse that caused them to lose their memories.

If you love Animal Crossing and Disney, this is the perfect game for you. You play as a customizable character who appears in this valley with magic powers to help bring back characters and restore the valley to what it once was.

Along the way, you will run into your favorite heroes and villains, who will provide different insights and quests to help you lift the curse from the characters and the valley.

I love Disney and Animal Crossing; this game is the perfect blend. I enjoyed finding the different characters and restoring the various locations in the valley. The only thing I didn’t love is that the game is glitchy sometimes, quests won’t trigger, or it’s hard to see smaller characters like Remy from Ratatouille, and occasionally other mechanics like fishing can be a little tricky to maneuver, but overall it is a fun game.

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