Z-Files: New Halo Game / Xbox 720 information

I know the Z-files are usually something done in a video format, but I wanted to add some text here 🙂 Recently, I’ve come across some information on a new halo game and The Game Fanatics was able to get some sweet news.  Microsoft has now just started posting job openings for a new halo project named “MGS Halo”, not I’m not sure what the MGS stands for, maybe Metal Gear Solid (calm down, just playin’, it’s Microsoft Games Studio–thanks @Cueil). While there is a Halo game being created by a 3rd party company, this isn’t the same thing, it’s a “Brand New Halo Experience” for gamers out there. Microsoft has also posted that they’re looking for people with UNREAL ENGINE EXPERIENCE. Mind you, this is RIGHT on the heels of Epic announcing their new Unreal Engine, which looks fantastic.  For those who don’t know, the original Halo Engine actually held Halo: Reach back from it’s original vision. Using this new Unreal engine, we could see a halo like no other.


Aside from that, some news on the Xbox 720. It seems that the 720 has been in the works for some time now, but due to the economy Microsoft decided not to launch it in 2010 as it was slated to be. Long story short, the “Xbox 360 S” could actually be what the new Xbox was to look like, but in the end, it seems they decided to release it as a modified version of the Xbox 360. This means we get a better systems in the future; but how long into the future do we have to wait? Well, It seems Microsoft is looking for a 2012/2013 release date. In other words, we might hear the announcement of the new Xbox 720 this year. We already know that it’s going to run the latest in ATI graphics. But here’s the kicker. Microsoft also said that they’re waiting for a certain types of TVs to be in more house holds before they release the 720. Are they talking about 3Dtvs? If so, they could mean ALOT for Kinect games as 3D and Kinect goes hand in hand. However, one thing I’ve noticed–no mention of a media drive. This could also mean that theyre going 100% digital distribution, which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. In fact, Microsoft’s current gaming plan pretty much sets this up perfectly for a digital distribution system for next gen consoles. With over 50% of the Xbox 360 games ready for download, not to mention The indie and XBLA games, Microsoft is poised to be a powerful force right out of the gate.

We know this is a lot to take in but we’ll be updating you as we get more information, and of course images and screenshots!

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