You May be Printing Pizza Soon, Thanks to Makism3D

Makism3D is an innovative 3D printer manufacturing company that may take the reins in the 3D printing world. With a range of upcoming Wideboy 3D printers that are marketed for families and professionals alike, their printers could be a common household item in the near future.

Makism 3D Corp is based out of Cambridge, UK, and their goal is to introduce the 3D printer into the home and office alike. With their range of ready-to-use, user-friendly Makism 3D Products, this goal is within reach.

 photo 352ec763-c67e-463c-8019-45b1ab230afb_zps29167f75.jpg

Makism 3D Printers feature an elegant design that can fit into any professional space, but they are also perfect for use at home as they are ready to use straight out of the box, and as easy to use as a normal, boring ink-jet printer. Wideboy printers will be able to print a variety of prototypes, parts and objects with precision and speed. The Wideboy comes with user-friendly software that include a database of 3D designs. The printer features dual all-metal extruders and a temperature-controlled build chamber which allow for diversity in printing, as the printers can print with materials such as nylon, poly-carbonate, and other support materials. Additionally, the extruders will be compatible with bio-materials, i.e. food. This may mean that sometime in the near future, you may be able to print pizza and chicken wings whenever you please. Additional additive materials in a variety of colors may mean that you can print figurines of your favorite characters as well.

The approximate base prices of the Wideboy printers start at $1,500.00 for the Wideboy, 2,500 for the Wideboy Pro, and 4,000 for the Wideboy Mega. 

Be sure to visit Makism3D‘s page so that you can better decide which of the Wideboy printers is best for you.

 photo 14f54063-0815-4d35-85c9-307929c7ec68_zps6161dea0.jpg

What sorts of things would you print with a Wideboy printer? What would your friends print? Whatever you come up with may not be too far-fetched, thanks to Makism3D.

 [signoff icon=”icon-flag”]This post brought to you by Makism.[/signoff]

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