Yandere Simulator: Dating for Sociopaths

Yandere Simulator

Is there a more interesting anime trope than the Yandere? There’s nothing like a cute little pink haired 15-year-old girl going from zero to psycho in a matter of seconds. Yandere girls are always a sure-fire way to keep things interesting.

So why not allow all the crazy violence, lies and manipulation to be played out with your own hands? All the decisions you could make, all the people you can step on – or kill – in order to get a little closer to Senpai.

It’s about time to let out your inner Yandere and now thanks to YandereDev and his Yandere Simulator there’s a healthy conduit. Yandere Simulator focuses on Yandere-chan. A cute, albeit, obsessive girl who will go through any means necessary to get to her crush.

And that means any.

Maybe you spread nasty rumors about your rivals? Maybe you plant evidence on her and get her arrested? Or maybe you stab her in the neck, dismember her body and throw it into an incinerator your options are wide open.

Yandere Simulator

This is not a casual dating sim, people. YandereDev explained the game perfectly when he stated, “the game isn’t supposed to be about befriending and romancing Senpai; it’s supposed to be about sabotaging his love life from the shadows.”

The game is only on PC for now and is still under heavy development. YandereDev-chan is working as the sole programmer for the game; it’s slated to be released in the next few years.

But it could move a lot faster if we show our support!  YandereDev has a Patreon page where you can give a bit to help the cause, or maybe you’ve got some time to volunteer? Whatever it takes, to get Senpai and Yandere-chan together.

Whatever it takes…

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