Xbox's "Project Orapa" = IPTV?

Rumors have been swirling around since Microsoft announced it’s “Project Orapa,” WinRumors is reporting that the announcement will be made at E3 this week revealing a new streaming TV service on Xbox Live. Microsoft has reportedly been looking to add an IPTV service for a while now.

The anonymous source who reported the information to WinRumors stated, “Microsoft is currently in last minute negotiations to secure the necessary agreements in time.” The report also stated that the name for the service would be called “Xbox Live Diamond,” fitting in with the current “Gold” and “Silver” plans. In the past, Microsoft has made suggestions indicating that they were looking into these sort of features, at one point even negotiating with Conan O’Brien to have his show on Xbox Live, though a deal was never reached. With the huge success of Netflix and Hulu on Xbox Live, it’s only natural that Microsoft is looking to add more of these types of services to their platform.

The announcement, if true, is expected to be made at Microsoft’s E3 press conference tomorrow morning.

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