Xbox One Seasonal Sale Nears The End

You’ve seen right, Microsoft’s Xbox One holiday promotional sale is rearing to an end. Come January 3rd, 2015, the ol’ Xbox One will be reverting in price from $349 back to $400.

It may seem that a $50 price cut would not have made too much of a difference for Microsoft in its battle to climb to the forefront of the console rivalry, but for the first time in months, Xbox One consoles have outsold the PS4.

Either way, now would seem to be the time to snatch up an Xbox One before Microsoft comes full circle and reunites its newest generation console with its original price tag, seemingly for good.

Sunset Overdrive City

It might be a little hard to remember this, but the current $349 price for an Xbox One (usually accompanied by a selection of bundled games such as Assassin’s Creed: Unity or Sunset Overdrive) has had a sell-by date. Microsoft announced the price drop in late October as a “limited-time promotional offer.” The price drop seemed to work for Microsoft, giving the Xbox One a monthly sales victory over the PS4 for the first time in nine months. Sony should still have a big lead over Microsoft in the console wars, as the PS4 took about 65 percent of the two-console market before the holiday shopping season.

If you didn’t get that Xbox One you wanted for Christmas, now might be the time to snap one up for yourself.

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