E3 2012 | Xbox Gets New Networks, Kinect Gets Even Better

Microsoft’s push to make Xbox 360 the definitive entertainment device continues with the addition of even more networks and features. In their E3 keynote, Microsoft showed off Kinect’s coolest new feature: multiple language and dialect recognition. On stage, they demonstrated navigating the dashboard using only your voice, and then searched for Rise of the Planet of the Apes using the Spanish language option. The demonstration also showed the ability to change language setting using Kinect. Kinect will understand 12 different languages.

Xbox users will also be able to view new networks on Xbox 360. In addition to the already available UFC and MLB.TV, Xbox now adds NBA, NHL, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPN U, Nickelodeon, Machinima, Paramount, and UVideos to its lineup. These networks will be available for use without a Kinect, but will require Xbox Live.

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