Xbox Live Update, March 13 -19, 2011

Xbox Live Gold members make your way to the XBL Marketplace. The content has been updated and I’m sure it will tickle your fancy. This weeks’ update will consist of:


Dance Central

You Don’t Know Jack


Full House Poker is 800 MP. ($10)

Halo:Reach will be available through Games on Demand for a limited time through March 21, 2011($49.99)

Coming Soon.

Heroes over Europe($29.99)

Rapala Fishing Frenzy($19.99)


Were you looking for some new characters? Well, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 adds one new character each for the Marvel and Capcom sides. Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine makes her return to the series. As well as the  S.T.A.R.S. member, Shuma Gorath. The characters are sold for 400 MS a piece.($5)

Halo:Reach, The Defiant Map Pack is available, it includes three new multiplayer maps for 800 MP.($10)

Deal of the Week-

Don’t want to be pinched? Then stop by to pick up a St. Patrick’s Day theme. There’s also items ranging from a Boston Celtics avatar jersey to the Rock Band song pack for Green Day in The Deal of the Week sale.

For a more in-depth details on the XBL update please visit GamerTell

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