Xbox Banter Cast 36 – Quiz Time For Your Ear Holes

  • Thora

    Pew pew!

  • potato.head

    So theres a reason i didnt buy this game

  • Civerius

    I\\\’ve been waiting a long time for this.

  • potato.head

    Thanks for the post.

  • Cpt.Mctavish

    Thumbs up

  • Gamer959

    i have a folder of music on my desktop, i want all my music in itunes HOW, please give me step by stepp im really dumb haha!!

  • Heath

    im 14 at the moment but going to college very soon. brilliant at computer animation and i really want to get a job as an animator at pixar studios, i live in england so it wont be my first job but i will buy i greenhouse card to live in america. how hard is it to apply if your fitted for the job?

  • have faith

    I am not sure how it started by my full itunes screen switched to ‘mini player’ mode and now I am unable to maximise it so as to view my full library.

    In itunes’ view option, the ‘full screen, half size, actual size, double size & fit to screen’ options are all greyed out and unavailable.

    On the toolbar, if I click ‘zoom’ the screen disappears all together. If I click again it re-appears still in miniplayer mode. The ‘minimise’ option just minimises the screen as per normal.

    I also do not have the option to click on the bottom right corner or the mini-player to maximise the screen by dragging it.

    In mini-player mode I am unable to see my library or search for songs so as you can imagine this is very frustrating.
    If anyone has any tips i’d REALLY appreciate it.


  • morbiusdog

    I am getting a new laptop and have iTunes on the laptop I own now. I am going to install iTunes on my new laptop and was wondering if there was an easier way to put the songs I have in my iTunes now onto the new iTunes. I could put all the songs in my itunes (all 278 of them) onto several CDs, but that will take a very long time. Can any of you help me? There has been a previous question about this but I can not find it.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    I am thinking about doing a one year work placement in Berlin, I hear the Germans don’t have a sense of humour, is this true? Has anyone ever encountered a german person with a sense of humour. I don’t mean slap stick humour or derision based joking because that’s just SIMPLE humour. I don’t think i could cope a year with fake laughter. Can anyone answer this question, thanks!

  • unbleevable39

    A sense of humour is a desirable characteristic in a person. But how does a serious and borderline neurotic person, who doesn’t know how to lighten up become funny?

  • jordenkotor

    I can’t believe how some really stupid but funny questions get serious replies from people. Have we all lost our sense of humour when we most need it? And if you’re one of those that gives sensible answers to
    what are obviously daft questions – why? Come on you know who you are!

  • musicistabest

    I really like Jennifer Saunders, she makes my laugh so much. I laugh a lot at Jam & Jerusalem and equally at Ab Fab. I also like Smack the Pony and Gimme Gimme Gimme.
    Does anyone have the same humour and what is it?
    I don’t think it’s alternative?

  • Keaton

    Why is it so important for a man to make a woman laugh?

    Are women more attracted to a good sense of humour or good looks?

    Please give a detailed answer, thank you.