Xbox 360 Not Being Replaced Any Time Soon

E3 has come and gone, another year has past and no sign of the next generation of consoles.  It seems, for Microsoft at least, that there’s a good reason for that. Head past the jump to find out more.

The Xbox 360 is the highest selling console in the world right now and Microsoft doesn’t see any reason to cut their cash crop short.  Phil Spencer, Head of Microsoft Studios says, ” I think the 360 has a lot more than two years. It has legs for a long time.”

It doesn’t seem to be a purely monetary reason, however, as Spencer also stated that the Xbox 360 is just a part of the entertainment world Microsoft is offering and that “we kind of have to evolve away from just thinking” about when the next console is coming out.  Spencer mentions things like SmartGlass and Windows 8 as examples of constant evolution in the entertainment universe, although doesn’t specifically address the relation between the Xbox 360 console and the other two.

Maybe we’ll see the Xbox 720 at next year’s E3? What do you think ? Let us know in the comments below!

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