The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine Developer Diary Talks New Features & Geralt’s Final Fight

The Witcher 3

Coming hot off of Blood and Wine‘s teaser reveal earlier this week, CD Project RED has released a new developer diary for Witcher 3’s upcoming expansion showcasing the beauty and horrors of Toussaint. 

In just a few short minutes, CDPR speaks towards Geralt’s last great contract — a journey to Toussaint which is filled with adventure and great peril. There are a few snippets of new gameplay features, such as foreign monsters infesting the colorful vineyards, the snazzy Skellige Gwent deck, and several variants of color dyed armor on the Cat gear set. We’re also given a good glimpse or two at the bustling city streets and great green plains surrounding the vassal state’s capital city.

“For the Witcher, this won’t just be another fight. It’ll be the fight. The enemy you’ll face, it’ll be a bigger challenge than anything the Witcher has dealt with before.” – Tomasz Marchewka, CDPR Writer

Blood and Wine is coming to all platforms on May 31st. You won’t want to miss it. As Environmental Art Director Lucjan Wiecek puts it, “Blood and Wine could practically be a new game.”

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