Witcher 3 Free DLC Ends With New Game+ Mode

Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is gaining its largest addition to date with its final piece of free DLC from CD Projekt Red in the form of a New Game Plus mode.

On the heels of this week’s free DLC coming to a download queue near you, CD Projekt Red took to Twitter to reveal this fateful news but not many other details. What was revealed is that this mode actually won’t be coming next week as the team needs a little more time to make New Game Plus ready for public consumption. No other information, such as what will carry between treks, what will reset and how/if the world will change as a result of previous decisions, was given quite yet.

Witcher 3
The sign was the real hero! (*Spoiler*)

The inclusion of a pile of gear, as seen above, could indicate some of what will transfer between Witcher 3 excursions, or it could’ve just seemed like a cool shot to the art team. Further details are sure to be revealed as the same tweet from their official Twitter account beckons people to “stay tuned.”

This string of free DLC, plus patches, seems to have made a lot of people all the happier for playing this early game of the year candidate. All of this goodwill seems to have bolstered the community’s faith in the Witcher 3 developer, driving up sales well past the 4 million mark CD Projekt Red announced last month. Until New Game Plus was revealed, the additional content had ranged from additional missions to giving Geralt the ability to shave. This week’s addition allowed for the White Wolf to decimate his enemies in new ways with an expanded library of kill animations.

This team has also shown a commitment to paid expansions for Witcher 3 that haven’t been detailed as of yet. The rumor straight from their team is that each expansion will be approximately the size of the entire second Witcher game. This RPG needed more things to do, yeah?

(Source: All Games Beta)

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