Will and Jaden Smith Team Up In M. Night Shyamalan Film, After Earth

Returning to a movie set as father and son, actors Will and son, Jaden, Smith are unveiled in the very first trailer of Columbia Pictures’, After Earth. With a plot that borrows from the likes of I Am Legend and Pursuit of Happiness, Will’s character, Cypher, must protect his injured son, Kitai Raige, who is critically injured.

After a crash landing, a father and son explore a planet that was evacuated by humans 1,000 years earlier.

With Shyamalan at the helm of After Earth, there’s already been a slew of criticism thrown at the movie, but the film also enlists the help of Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Havoc, NYPD Blue), and of course, Will Smith is also playing the role of producer. After Earth hits theatres  in 2013.

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