Why Epic Games Needs a New Unreal Tournament

  • jak d ripr

    I don’t think the world(or epic for that matter) needs a new UT, the last one didn’t sell too well and that was before the FPS swarm, at this point it really doesn’t have much to set it apart from all the rest of the pack. What epic need to make though, is a new unreal championship, that to date is one of the most unique shooters I’ve ever had the chance to play and its a real shame no sequel has ever been made or that any other company has tried to copy the formula.

    I doubt a new unreal championship is coming anytime soon as the reason the series existed was to bring the UT franchise to the consoles, now that the xbox has a very successful epic franchise I fail to see the financial necessity for the UC. Despite this, a brother can always hope.

    • Nick Pinkerton

      Hi jak d ripr, thanks for the comment. That’s true, the market for multiplayer-based FPSs has gotten more crowded than ever on PC, so it would be difficult for Epic to have enough of a differentiator to get a new UT to sell well. Unreal Tournament III did not do well, but when I think of some of the franchises that have been “rebooted,” it isn’t out of the question to reproduce something along the lines of what made UT successful in the earlier years.

      I vaguely remember Unreal Championship, but I recall it having a solid single-player progression. You would manage a team of what, 3 players, and each character had a unique mix of stats. Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since a game offered something like that from a preset perspective. It’s like borrowing from a sports title, and who doesn’t like sports…wait, maybe I’m on the wrong site. Anyway, let’s hope Epic or another studio can harness a couple of these good qualities. Cheers, stuBEEF.