Which is better: Split/Second or Blur?

In the past two weeks, two publishers, known for other titles, released their own versions of what they think a racing game should be. I am sure that everyone knows who Disney is. If not, stop reading this, and go watch the Lion King. Got it? Okay, moving on. If anything was to be published by Disney, we would have expected some kiddie-like game. On the other hand, we have Activision, a company known to release all types of games, including: Call of duty, Guitar Hero, and Tony Hawk. I guess with new technology, comes new ideas. At least that is what went through the minds of the two companies.

Split/Second is not your average racing game. In fact, it has a very unique way of playing out. Using what the developers like to call “power plays,” it seems like it will make the game extremely electrifying, right? Well, to be perfectly honest, yes and no. Even though you have power plays, the game can get repetitive. Yeah, it’s wreck the car with the bridge, but if you do that straight for three laps, then it gets boring. Another fact is what if you are in front? How can you use a power play? Sure there are level two power plays, but they don’t come easily as level ones. The game loses its fun factor at that point. Now, don’t get me wrong, the game is fun, but once the same maps are rehashed, there is a major conflict of interest. The dynamic environment is where the game really shines. For example, when you are able to trigger a level two power play, seeing the buildings fall, or an air plane crashing, it puts that intensity inside you to play more. The effects of it, is just splendid, but doing it lap after lap, it tends to feel scripted rather than a fun game you are playing. Another thing that could help is the idea of a theater-like photo system that could record your wrecks or “split second” wins. Using the television idea was unique, similar to Death Race. When you are racing, it really feels like a live broadcast.

Then, we have a game that had the chance to have a beta. A game that reminded us of the classic title, Mario Kart.  A game that has licensed cars. Yes, that’s right. I am talking about Blur. Now, even though it doesn’t look as beautiful as Split/Second, Blur sure as hell plays better than it. With six different power-ups that change any race, it really is just amazing. Each power-up can either make or break a race. Instead of your average eight, ten, or even twelve racers, Blur is able to get twenty cars on the same track. Throw in the fact that there is no slowdown. Again, the graphics isn’t that great, but you have to throw in the fact that the game is really a cartoon. The menu system could have been less-cluttering, but using it shouldn’t be a problem. One thing I personally like is the ability to use Twitter/Facebook. Sure, people may get tired of it, but you have to admit, it is interesting.

As you can see, the two racing games are very different from each other. As I sated earlier, one may look better, but it has very repetitive gameplay. ON the contrary, the latter plays better with a less-than-stellar approach to its graphics. To be honest, the detail isn’t that bad. In Disney’s game you don’t get to keep that fun factor, unlike Blur where it’s all throughout each race, especially online. Did I mention it also has four-player split-screen, as opposed to just a regular split-screen? It is obvious who the true winner is. I love the concept that Black Rock Studios tried to pull off, but after a few days I don’t see myself playing it for a while. During a few rounds, I get that “I already done this before” feeling. With Blur, you can change up anytime, and it’s not as scripted either. Sorry Disney, I know you been in the game for a while, but Activision just knows how to make a better game. Let’s hope Epic Mickey can make up it up, but I don’t see that happening.

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