What We Played December 24 – 30

Welcome to Press Start! This is a weekly segment that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics are currently playing. Feel free to leave a comment with what you’ve been playing or if you have any questions about the games that we are currently involved with.

Jen: Hopefully I can get my Jedi Shadow to level 50 in SWTOR before the New Year starts. I want to start up the Trooper arc next before going to the Imperial side. I got a 3DS for Christmas along with New Super Mario Bros 2. I am really enjoying the game. I picked up Theatrhyhm Final Fantasy with my birthday money. I played it on my phone and once I got the 3DS, I tried out the demo and loved it. Plays much better on a 3DS than as an iOS.

Jeff: Christmas was good to my games collection this year. I’ve finally gotten around to playing the Uncharted series, Ico, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and the 3DS Adventure Time game. There’s still Mass Effect Trilogy and a few others to go, so I’ll be busy for some time.

Jake: Yay Christmas! I’ve been celebrating it with…..Buying more Wii games. GameStop had B2G1 for Wii games, so I got Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Donkey Kong.

Enis: I was able to get in some Halo 4 this week and some Borderlands 2. I started the first DLC that came out for it and so far I love it! Being on vacation the past week tuned down my gaming a bit, but I can’t wait to continue more Borderlands 2!

Ben: Ran through a bit of Dark Souls. Dabbled in Worms Revolution and FTL. All were good but the highlight was finally playing Journey. Very fun, very original, and possibly the most visually impressive game I’ve ever played. Just all-around greatness.

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