What Sony Needs to Do to Sell Me the Playstation 4

  • yannex

    sleep timer already exists for controller actually. I recommend using it

    • Then I must have missed it or its in the newer models, but ever since I’ve had my Ps3, the controller stays on unless I remember to turn it off.

      • Cantored

        No its on all models

      • saigon1914

        Also, I think you should take note that Sony does have a 10′ cord. I love that cord. When my controller is low on battery, It seems I can sit very far from my screen without feeling too tied down. Other than that, this was actually a good write up. My only thing is to look into the features that Sony offer on this console, its way more than some may think. I think IGN.com has a quick win feature guide. Also you need to look at the exclusives on the platform, you may only like RPGs, but you are missing out on a lot of classics with this system especially Uncharted and inFamous. And if you really need to feed that RPG appetite, I would suggest getting Ni No Kuni: Wrath of white witch.

        • I don’t only like RPG games and I do own the Uncharted series and Infamous.

    • Big G

      this is true

    • Big G

      I have the 60 gig model from day 1 release. It has this feature.

      • Knowing is half the battle and I can admit it when I’m wrong. Thanks! Now I just need to remember to set up this feature.

  • Mandingo

    You must submit your soul and body to $ony, 24/7 @ n4g….and playing ‘opinion’ like a bible doctrine. Hyping ps4 like a plastic toy you’ll ever need for satisfaction.

    Please continue playing a phantom plasticstation 4 until…. Dec 2013

  • Juan

    She is the editor in chief…….what a garbage…… Wow.

    • Care to give me reasons for your opinion on that?

      • SirCrush

        I’m thinking it may have something to do with his age :p

        At least, for his sake, I hope so lol

      • Massacred

        Well seeing as Microsofts perceived position is more about casual gaming. I guessing that since you say in your description that your usually playing your xbox 360 and rarely the console that is know to be all about the hardcore, he/she is saying that you are more of a casual gamer and therefore are less qualified to speak on the matter. But this is just speculation. Strongly recommend, you go play all the PS3 exclusives you missed before the PS4 comes out.

    • Come back when you’re grown up, Juan. Her opinion differs from yours, so you resort to insults? Begone, troll.

  • MrVodka69

    I see U dont game that much

    • You are one funny person, you really are. How can you assume that I don’t play video games much based off of an editorial piece that I did on my free time during my day off? Pick a game, I guarantee that I’ve played it or have owned it at some point. I stopped counting at game #500. http://raptr.com/Next_Jen/about

      • MrVodka69

        I only said that cause u didnt kno about being able to set ur controller to cut off when not in use. i seen the stats on ur link nice.

        • I still don’t know how. I only get replies telling me I can set a timer to my controller. I should just google it. But you know, effort.

          • MrVodka69

            its right in the xmb menu power save settings

  • SIrCrush

    One of the firmware patches last year (possibly in 2011) allowed you to set your PS3 to automatically install updates at a set time every day/night/week. I currently have my set at 3:30am, where all new game updates and firmware download automaticallly while I am sleeping. I haven’t seen an update in months, possibly years lol THis is, I believe, a PS+ exclusive option…just one more reason we PS3 owners bow down to PS+.

    The controller’s sleep timer was implemented several years ago. No worries there :p

    A couple of “Timed Exclusives” have already been announced for PS4. I forget which so you’ll have to look it up as I am too lazy, currently.

    Home is actually really cool and I hope they carry it over. Though I don’t use it much myself, I have fond memories of getting together with friends and doing odd things. The E3 booths are actually really cool 🙂

    I love my XMB…never understood the hatred for it, though I never did even SEE a XBL in action so maybe that is why. Still…scroll left and right for your desired section, up and down for desired subsection…always seemed REALLY easy to me, though at times the “Settings” tab can be a bit weird to navigate (Blue Tooth Devices and Audio Devices are SEPARATE!?) I’ll be sad to see the XMB go but I am vibing the new interface screenshots I have seen so maybe I’ll end up with a short memory.

    If exclusive GAMES are a selling point, you missed alot on PS3. I get the sense around the internets that 360 owners are just shooter game players. THe massive variety of gametypes on Sony’s home console far eclipse that on XBOX, a trend that looks to continue on PS4.

    I do understand one HUGE reason most people stuck with XBOX this cycle and that is the friends lists and American user base. Personally, some of my best friends are from around the world now due to the popularity of PS3 in places like Brazil, Norway, Australia (amazed how many people speak english in Eastern Europe!). ANother one must be the difficulty to program for the cell chip led to better visuals and playability on 360 in the early cycles (a fact that the last couple years has reversed roles, for the most part).

    Yes, I am a diehard Sony fan but I am old enough to not be an idiot. If this generation, the PS3 was TRULY a failure and didn’t give me my hardcore gaming fix, I’d have abandoned ship long ago. But it did and last week’s conference just kept me following their brand. It would take a MIRACLE for Microsoft to pull me away from my beloved Playstation…seriously, God himself would have to pry it from my dying hands…and that miracle has yet to happen.

    • Finally, a worthy reply and I thank you.

      I should look into setting a time to do the updates then. Since I don’t use it that often, I get hit with updates when I do turn it on. As for the controller, might just be because I have an old controller cause I swear, the thing never turns off.

      Home is more from person experience and from what I’ve heard from others, mostly women or men who use female avatars. I can understand how it could be fun with the right people around.

      I miss the “blades” from 360’s dash, what can I say.

      I’ve played GT5 but once Forza came out, I haven’t gone back. The Uncharted series is one that I own, but I haven’t gotten around to it and I fell terrible for that. I need to set a day aside to play.

      • And yes, I know I said “fell” instead of “feel”, don’t kill me interweb.

  • MrVodka69

    ahhhh a 360 person i get it now sorry

    • I’ve actually been playing more on the PC than both current gen systems…well, PC and 3DS. 360 hasn’t given me a game that I want to play recently. Waiting for the final ME3 DLC to come out.

      • MrVodka69

        oh ok gotcha yea pc is better

      • Renai Kakume aka Pop Tarts

        Real name Clarence Renai_Kakume is my PSN ID add me. I have over 300+ games as well as over 200 digital games, if you need games recommended to you, Home tips, or anything Playstation related, just like SirCrush I too am a Sony fan with deep roots because of their willingness (not all the time) to listen to their fans and give us variety in our games.

        If you are not just into shooters I recommend taking a look at Journey, Heavenly Sword, Flower, StarHawk, White Knight Chronicle, Valkirya (spell check) Chronicles, Playstation All-Star Battle Royale (people don’t give this enough credit) ModNation Racer (havne’t played LBP Kart game yet) and of course LBP 2 if you haven’t…

        Right now my Trophy level is around 15 which is average a lot of people have around 5-9 levels on my friends list with some with 18 and 25 which if I tried to platinum most of my games I have now I’d probably be around level 40, but whatev. Would like to see you on my friendslist and maybe debate more about the gaming world in general. I love some heated debates!

        P.S. The PS4 as already sold you with Infamous, if it hasn’t you need to start playing the last 3!!!

        • I’m more into RPG games than shooters but I do love me some Halo.

          Journey: Never played. Didn’t understand the hype, but then again, never played.

          Flower: I have and love it. Just need to play it more, along with FlOw.

          All-Stars: I need to buy this game. I love fighting games… but I only have one controller. All this time and I only have one Ps3 controller…funny.

          LBP: I got bored of it after a while, so I never invested in the second installment.

          I’m Next_Jen on PsN, but I am a terrible debater! I just know what I like. Which really, are great games with a great story. Graphics and all the pretty lights are not high on my list.

          I really should have a Ps3 day. Maybe finally beat Uncharted…

          • Renai Kakume aka Pop Tarts

            I’ll add you, and if you like RPGs White Knight Chronicle 2 gets you both games and V C was an amazing game and once you beat uncharted you’ll be set to play The Last of Us!

  • Xanderrage

    I can no longer support Microsoft as they do not care about the core gamer. Recently is been all about Kinect, Casual Gaming and Xbox as a family media hub; this is lame.

    • My Kinect has been unplugged for a very long time now and the PS Move was returned a week after I got it. I don’t care about those types of games….unless it is with a dance mat and I’m playing DDR or ITG.

  • Litpotered

    Why do I play PlayStation?
    Resistance, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Infamous, Heavy Rain, LttleBigPlanet, God of War, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, MotorStorm, PS All Stars, Gran Turismo, Socom, MAG, Starhawk, Warhawk, Jack and Daxter, Last Guardian (team Ico), Killzone, The Last of US, Twisted Metal just to name a few off the top of my head and obiously third party we have Metal Gear Solid 4.

    On Xbox. . . well theres Halo
    and I guess Gears, buts that owned by Epic
    Oh I know theres Forza

  • Damnation

    Sold Xbox in 2010 when I realized there were all about casual gaming. (Plus I was Halo and Geared out after Reach and Gears 2) Turned to PS and things have never been better, they have core first party games coming out very frequently, don’t need to purchase batteries, everything is more customizable, the xmb is far superior (logically) to the clustered mess that is xboxs new os, and probably best of all theres no need to pay to play online.

  • Ziggy

    If your more into RPG’s than you are to shooters it would make far more sense that you would gravitate towards the PS3, because there are far more than come out for the PS brand than Xbox.

    Flower, Flow and Journey are made by the same developer; those gamers are totally awesome.

  • Zandarked

    AS a core gamer, it no longer really makes sense for me own a Xbox 360. Its mostly about causal gaming and the Kinect now. I own a PC to play high end 3rd party games and own PS3 because Sony has such a huge line up of exclsuive games. Most gamers I know started wising up to this pretty quickly and purchased a PS3 last year and its looking like Ill be contining with PS4. I just cannot support Xbox anymore because its not really about the games anymore. PS: Blades were far better then there newest OS, but they will never change it back. SO XMB it is then.

  • Kalmite

    Your still playing on the xbox? I thought everyone got rid of theirs last year when it was precived that Microsoft has no intrest in hardcore gamers

  • Blackendgrey

    There’s really actually no reason for core gamers to own an xbox anymore, unless your into the Kinect thing; Bioshock, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell are all Multiplat and there are far far more core PS3 exclusives than xbox. Plus there dashboard is really ugly. (and who wants to pay for online and get adds, seriously Microsoft WTF that’s why I stopped supporting you)

  • Landoracked

    This was literally Sony’s best press conference in years. They focused on what the core gamers are looking for games! The new controller looks beautiful and added everything gamers wanted; headphone jack, improved grip, sticks, d-pad, and triggers. (Aside from the share and options buttons [seriously bring back start and select])
    In fact the only thing that most people I’ve talked to were disappointed in, was in regard’s to 3 games:
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    The Last Guardian

    Sorry Microsoft can’t really hold and candle to this.

  • Great article, Jen. For the most part, there’s some good discussion here, and I see some folks have already let you know about the controller sleep function and the like. I really do hope you try some of the PS3’s exclusives.

    And oh yeah, the Move and PS Home were complete wastes of time. Home’s a running joke even among Sony fans.