What is the Worst Game You've Ever Played?

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  • i might just be testing the new comment system but err i’ll have to say Iron Man…just because I’m such a huge fan but the game was such a huge fail

  • Anonymous

    Oh and Jaws as well. I remember trying out that game and I ended up laughing my ass off when I playing it.

  • My staff members used to test every 360 that came in on trade with Halo 3. They were complete fanboys & girls.

    I, too, have never been a big Zelda fan, for reasons similar to yours. Just couldn’t get into it as a kid and ever since I keep myself as far from it as I can.

  • NSNick

    Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde for the NES. Kudos to you if you can make it more than 30 second in that game:

    a) without dying
    b) knowing what the hell is going on

  • I played the demo for Two Worlds and didn’t understand how something like that could exist when Oblivion had already been out for two years. And I’ve never been into Zelda because I haven’t owned the right systems at the right time. Though I played a bit of the first one a few years ago and kinda liked it as a retrogame.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what we told our customers when they tried to buy Two Worlds: pick up Oblivion instead. Same went with Call of Duty. We told our customers to only get the CoD games that were made by Infinity Ward.

  • oh and i also remember that pc mmo that was made to replicate the columbine massacre…like wtf

    in more recent times, “halo-killer” Haze & Lair, Jumper, Bomberman Act whatever, NFL the tour..band hero was probably bad enough for me to put on here. oh can i say kane and lynch 2? lol

  • SnipingMizzy

    For me, even a game that feels like homework I can like (…maybe because I LIKED homework even as a teenager), because I see it as a challenge. If a game as terrible camera angles every time I do something, I make it my mission to make the controller my b*tch and do what I want it to do.

  • Anonymous

    Band Hero was bad. I played it enough to get some achievements. I’m so happy that I didn’t buy it. GH has gone downhill IMO, so I had a feeling Band Hero wouldn’t be that good.

  • Yes, it looked almost exactly like Oblivion but with none of the character. A friend of mine had it and it felt like a paint-by-numbers fantasy, though I find it difficult to pinpoint where they went wrong.

    • Your asnwer was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

  • Michelle

    I was very tempted to write about the new Nights game for this. Although curiously (anecdotally at least admittedly) it seems that younger players who didn’t play the original Saturn release seem to get on with it a lot better than veterans of the original game.

    Either way personally, that game was so far removed from the wonderful, beautiful game that I grew up with, and even though I hate it I will keep it always to remind me of the importance of researching a game fully before I buy it rather than relying on nostalgia.

  • Chessnuts

    Killzone 1, Far Cry 2, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Kane & Lynch – those games are absolute sh**e. Avoid by all means.

  • Far Cry 2 was decent…far too repetitive….and i think that the whole open world feature actually hurt it

  • Silvercube

    I liked Nights into Dreams! It’s not an easy game, I used a FAQ and enjoyed it very much. The online component was cool.

    I could never get into the original LoZ either. Loved Ocarina and Wind Waker though!!

    I played the demo of Two Worlds, it was pretty gross lol. Great article : )

  • You’re insane! IW has always been the shit group out of the two… it’s effing amazing that people can’t see that even CoD3 had better MP then MW1… this kind of shit makes me happy IW has fallen apart

  • Anonymous

    Are you talking about NiGHTS into Dreams or Journey of Dreams? Didn’t think Into Dreams had online content.

  • MW1 was one of the biggest POS I’ve ever played… it’s not the worst but it’s certainly the worst game that is popular outside of the equally horrible WoW urrgg… and people think this group was better get real they haven’t fix either one of their MP games and CoD2 was just as big a mess online

  • Randy Jordan

    to me it can be “fable” on the xbox. I was instructed that this game’s amazing so I acquired it and I was quite energized to perform it. well, the cover appeared awesome but sadly, it ends there….I hated the game on my first play, I identified the atmosphere to be very sad and extremely serious and I imagined it can be just me so I gave the game one more chance and I truly played the total issue and finished it and located most of the treasures/secrects and I still hated it… loathed it actually. the characters had been also severe and monotonous and the voice acting was terrible and the main character was the worst issue in the game, 1st of all he looks nothing like the 1 on the cover, he seems pathetic and extremely unpleasant and he won’t talk! I tried so tough to like this game but I faild and the more I perform it the more I dislike it, it was a waste of my time and the worst gaming knowledge I’ve ever had. the only great factor about it was the graphics….

    soooo…what about you? what is the worst game you’ve ever played? 🙂

    please excuse my very poor english and my spelling mistakes XP

  • jdfan

    I am wondering what is the worst video game you’ve ever played or ever heard of . Answer! ( :

  • nasty1

    I’ll give you an obscure one:

    At a University of Colorado football game a few years back, our punter absolutely SHANKED a kick nearly straight at the moon. It finally came down about 8 yards past the line of scrimmage and took a monster hop backwards. The punter ran up and touched the ball to prevent it from losing more yards. Thus, the punter actually DOWNED HIS OWN PUNT!! I’ve watched a lot of football and never seen it before or since. Now that is sucktitude.

  • Michael K

    Few time back the Subrato Roy Sahara group had started a literacy programme for the slum of India , do any one know how is it going on, what all achievements they gone through till now…..

  • Michael C

    I know there are achievements in Fruit Ninja, and I unlock them sometimes. How do I know which ones I have already completed? I can’t seem to find a list or anything anywhere in the game.

  • Cliffy N

    What i mean is can cheats that block achievements take away the achievement if entered after the achievements already been unlocked. I’m playing GTA IV and would like to lower wanted level whilst playing in free roam (I am not planning on saving the game either) I have both the “One Man Army” and the “Walk Free” Achievements witch are blocked by using this cheat. will i loose them if i enter the lower wanted level cheat now?

  • nmlpc

    Please advise me how to glitch to get the achievements for playing online. BTW I have completed seriously glitch and only need the 3+ rounds A for the new maps. I also need the hosting achievement, and this is annex and stuff. Please help.