Welcome to the Next Generation of Dance | Just Dance 2014

I’m a fan of dancing arrows. Sadly as time moves on and technology pushes forward, one must try new things. With that said, with the launch of Xbox One it is time to check out Just Dance 2014.

The main factor with Just Dance 2014 is to get over being shy about dancing in your living room. Arrows are easy. Dancing with a sensor, not so much. Once you release your inhibitions, Just Dance 2014 is a lot of fun. Not only does the Kinect sensor pick up on your moves but it also picks up your voice as well. This is a great feature in a party atmosphere or if you just like to sing. You have your dancers and a singer to party with. Just Dance 2014 allows up to four players to dance along.

Just Dance 2014 has the same premise as the past four installments. The player mimics the dancer on the TV screen and you have several modes to work out and dance to with more complex moves than in past Just Dance games. You can simply just dance, mash up songs, work out with Just Dance 2014 Just Sweat mode and have your own back-up dancers. The microphone picks up very clearly when you sing along however the kinect sensor might be a tad bit too sensitive.

Just Dance 2014 is a great party game. Not only that but a good way to learn new moves and to give yourself a workout. With fifty-one songs, the collection of music that Just Dance 2014 has is outstanding and of course you can buy new songs if you so choose.

Bottom line, if you love working out, dancing and just having a good time without care that you really cannot dance, Just Dance 2014 is for you.

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