Weekly Mobile Roundup — December 13

As of this year, Google Play and Apple’s App Store contain more than 1,000,000 apps each. One million. With that amount of options, it can be difficult to choose which games to download on a week-to-week basis.

Luckily for you, we at The Game Fanatics will be picking out a handful of titles each week that we think you should be on the lookout for. Happy gaming.

lego star wars mobileLego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Platform: iOS
Price: Free

The Lego video game series has met with surprising success in the past few years, both commercially and critically. One of the franchise favorites is Lego Star Wars, which now comes with episodes 1-6 for iOS players. The first episode is free, but all six will cost around $20.


The Room Two mobileThe Room Two
Developer: Fireproof Games
Platforms: iPad
Price: $4.99

The Room was chosen as Apple’s iPad game of the year in 2012. Developer Fireproof Games is back with another iteration of the puzzle adventure, which many have likened to Myst and Riven. From The Room Two‘s iTunes description: “Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as ‘AS’ into a compelling world of mystery and exploration.” The Room Two is only available on iPad.


San Andreas mobileGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Developer: Rockstar
Platform: iOS; Android (next week); Windows phones (next week)
Price: $6.99

Yeah, you remember it. San Andreas — CJ Johnson’s open-ended world of drugs, crime, bicycles, and weightlifting. It was originally released for PlayStation 2 in 2004 (which will be 10 years ago next month), and has now been graphically re-mastered for iDevices. It’s expected to launch for Android and Windows devices next week. Gamers rejoice.


Sonic 2 mobileSonic the Hedgehog 2
Developer: Sonic Retro
Platforms: Android; iOS
Price: $2.99

An enhanced remake of the 1992 Sega Mega Drive game of the same name, Sonic 2 has been brought over to the mobile platform by The Taxman and Stealth, two members of the Sonic Retro tech team. New features include a re-mastered soundtrack and a reinstatement of the lost beta level, Hidden Palace Zone.


Cabela's hunter mobileCabela’s Big Game Hunter
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Android; iOS
Price: Free

Cabela’s “hunting” games tend to involve more shooting than they do actual hunting, but they’re a blast nonetheless. A similar game from Glu recently clocked 40 million downloads. What can I say? People love hunting virtual animals.


Fiz Beer gameFiz: The Brewery Management Game
Developer: Bit By Bit Studios
Platform: Android; iOS
Price: $1.99

Originally backed via Kickstarter in March, the developers at Bit By Bit aren’t afraid to play up what makes Fiz different. Saving princesses? Slaying dragons? Not even close. In this surprisingly complex game, players manage a beer brewery. Be sure to tilt your glass 45 degrees while pouring.

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