Watch: Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Trailer | E3 2017

The big highlight of EA’s press conference has to be the 30 min block of Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay. Addressing almost everything that left fans of the series in disappointment, Star Wars Battlefront II brings a new UI, mechanics, maps, and more to this blockbuster shooter.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Fans got a tease from Sony that a brand new trailer would be coming to EA’s press conference. But the full version showcased so much more. Battlefront II boasts a lot of changes, the most drastic being the addition of the original movies, prequels, and newest films’ worlds and soldiers. Rather than continue the token system where you would spawn heroes and vehicles by grabbing emblems on the map, a MOBA type currency system is in place. By playing the objective and landing kills during a multiplayer match, you’ll rack up your currency and be able to purchase the use of special units, vehicles, and heroes for use during that match. It’s a unique system that boosts teamwork and incentive to play the objective.

Darth Maul, Boba Fett, and Rey took the center stage of the gameplay demo showing off vast amounts of destruction. John Boyega (the actor of Finn from the newest Star Wars movies) also announced that he would be playable along with Captain Phasma as the first installment of free DLC. In addition one of the worlds from The Last Jedi will be added with those characters.

E3 is just getting started so there’s still a chance that we’ll get a more in depth look at Battlefront II’s offline story mode following Inferno Squad. We’ll be covering more details on Battlefront II and everything else geek culture in the coming week so don’t forget to give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram for all things E3!

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