Watch: Rocket League Announces Fall Update Set With New Trailer

Psyonix has detailed what players can expect to receive during the upcoming Fall update for surprise hit: Rocket League .

Set to be unleashed on September 28, the update will bring a bevvy of new content and features to the game such as a new Events system, Competitive Season 6 and over 90 new customization items.

First off, Psyonix is adding five new arena variants: Starbase Arc, Wasteland, Champions Field (day), Mannfield (snowy) and DFH Stadium (day). All five of these will be available across Exhibition/Private matches and all Ranked playlists.

Additionally, the developer will release, for a limited time, a new Seasonal Arena for Competitive, Casual, and Private matches. Dubbed Farmstead, it is set in a tranquil relax farm area during harvest time.

Another new feature will be Decryptors which can acquired during Events and allows players to unlock any type of creates including rare ones available during limited-time events.

Furthermore, expect a new type of crate: Accelerator crates which will reward players with a new Battle-Car (Jäger 619 RS), flashy trails, new goal explosions, or animated wheels.

And great news for PC players as Psyonix plans on adding LAN support for local multiplayer games.

For more information, head over to the official Rocket League blog

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