Watch: Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Shows Off Time Rewinding Gameplay

Big Star Games has released a new cinematic trailer for Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days.

The trailer focuses on the time rewind mechanic used in gameplay. During missions, you can rewind time to adjust strategies. The trailer shows it being used to account for surprise guards that appeared during a bank heist. The game blends top down strategy games with top down shooters, all based on Quentin Tarantino’s iconic 1992 film.

Big Games is handling development while their subsidiary Big Star Games is publishing. The only other project tied to the company is Fist of Jesus, a beat ‘em up published by Big Star Games. The Big Games website currently redirects to the Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days site. The Big Star Games website says the studio is made up developers with more than “more than ten years [experience] creating games on mobile, PC and console.”

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days isn’t the first game to be based off the classic film. In 2006 Eidos published Reservoir Dogs, a game that followed the film’s plot. It garnered mixed reviews, currently holding a 50 on Metacritic. The game was most famous for the controversy caused when it was banned in Australia. Eidos refused to make any changes to the game and instead chose not to sell it in Australia. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days launches May 18 for PC.