Watch: New Co-Op FPS, Rico, Allows Players to Live Their “Good Cop” “Bad Cop” Fantasies

Small developer Ground Shatter has announced its second project titled Rico.

The game is an FPS featuring procedurally generated environments and inspired by buddy-cop movies such as both Bad Boys flicks.

The game puts players in the virtual boots of loose cannon police detectives given a clichéd 24 hours to solve a case and take down a group of organized crime.

While it is a buddy-themed FPS, the game can be played solo or with a buddy, split screen or online. To ensure a simple and enjoyable premise, the gameplay is as simple as busting down doors and shooting everything that moves.

In order to provide longevity to this FPS title, the Bristol Games Hub based developer has made everything procedurally generated, i.e. randomly generated: cases, objectives and environments. This way of creating games ensures that each player will experience something different and encourages multiple playthroughs in order to see different outcomes and unlock new weapons, traits, enemies and environments.

Thanks to its run and gun approach, players will need quick reflexes in order to adapt to the game’s multiple gunfights. There’s nothing more badass than breaching a room in slow-motion and taking out criminals one by one. Fret not as the developer promises plenty of ammo and enemies to fill with said ammo.

And don’t worry if you haven’t heard about Ground Shatter before. This small four-person studio was originally founded in 2014 by industry vetera James Parker. Parker has a vision of bringing arcade-style games to PC and console. The studio’s first release was 4-player arcade platformer, SkyScrappers.

The game is currently scheduled for a Summer 2017 release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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