Watch: Lawbreakers “Rise or Fall” Trailer and PS4 Reveal


You may have heard of Cliff Bleszinzski’s (Creator of Gears of War) gravity defying shooter Lawbreakers only to be crushed when you realized there’s no way you could afford a gaming PC that can run it. For PS4 owners that now changes, as it’s been announced  in the game’s “Rise or Fall” trailer that it’s now coming to consoles with an enhanced version on the PS4 Pro.

Lawbreakers "Rise or Fall"

Lawbreakers is set to release in 2017 but no concrete date is confirmed. Boss Key Productions have confirmed that it is ditching its free-to-play model for a $30.00 price tag along with no season pass. Instead cosmetic items can be achieved via lootboxes and new content will come via free updates.

You can register for the closed beta from their website for PS4 or PC via Steam. Some changes have occurred from their first go around.

Take a deep breath. Watch the trailer. Try to contain your excitement.

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