Watch Dogs 2 Takes Us to San Francisco and the Movie Theaters | E3 2016

Ubisoft has taken us through a lengthy gameplay video for the upcoming Watch Dogs 2. They’ve also used the spotlight to announce that a Watch Dogs movie is actually happening.

You can relax now because we finally have the first gameplay from Watch Dogs 2 – and it looks pretty sweet. Ubisoft has showcased it will all due honors during their press conference. Thanks to this we have now some very juicy details of the new hacking Odyssey that will arrive for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall, on November 15th.

Watch Dogs 2 is taking us this time to sunny San Francisco, offering a rather warmer atmosphere than its predecessor, which was set in Chicago. We take the role of Marcus Holloway, one cheerful fella that belongs to Dedsec, a hacker collective ready to bring down social media moguls and corporate tyrants with the help of their hacking schemes, stealth skills and extra doses of humor.

On top of the open world and “hack everything” principles of the game, Ubisoft has decided to give extra freedom to players to choose how to undertake missions. Watch Dogs 2 gameplay feels more agile and Marcus seems to have more options to ace his tasks. On the other side of improvements, we can count on the introduction of drones and a cooperative mode that does not clash with those players gearing towards a more single-player type of experience. Also, a protagonist that truly feels more real than Mr Aiden Pearce ever was, which is a nice touch, for a change.

Watch Dogs 2
Holloway and Mr Led-Eyes seem to lead-up a rather interesting hacking squad.

Watch Dogs on the Big Screen

Only a few days ago we covered the very solid rumors that pinpointed towards Ubisoft interested in making a The Division movie. We know that these days are pretty fruitful for game adaptations. Angry Bird and Warcraft: The Beginning are, for instance, hitting box offices around the world for good. We also knew that Ubisoft was not stopping at Assassin’s Creed but also has a Splinter Cell and Ghost Reckon stories on their scripting horizon. So a confirmation of Watch Dogs being another one on line does not come specially by surprise.

What’s yet to be seen is whether they will go full innovative or they will drink from existing plots and extend on those. One thing is sure: the hacking fever of Dedsec is here to stay.

And you, how hyped are you for Watch Dogs 2?

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