Watch: 20-Minutes of For Honor’s Brutal Knights Campaign

For Honor

For Honor stormed onto the multiplayer scene with it’s gratifying, in-depth combat but its single-player should not be ignored.

We’re quite accustomed to dismissing the campaigns in these multiplayer-centric Ubisoft titles but doing so here would be a real mistake. For Honor immediately drops you into an on-going power struggle between the knights and Vikings; no time is wasted building up to these epic battles. There’s something so satisfying about walking into a world that already feels lived in, we don’t see the build up of these tensions but rather experience their fallout.

While the focus is definitely multiplayer, players would be remiss to pass up For Honor‘s campaign. The missions have absolutely epic and brutal cut-scenes, while simultaneously honing in your multiplayer abilities. They will teach you game mechanics, advanced combat maneuvers, and abilities that are indispensable in the multiplayer environment.

Going into For Honor’s campaign with the right mindset is extremely important. You’re not going to get an extremely fluid and engaging story but what is here is fun, brutal, and a great way to prep for competitive multiplayer.

Check out 20-minutes of For Honor’s campaign over at The Game Fanatics YouTube!

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