Warner Bros. Interactive Releases New Trailer For Injustice: Gods Among Us.

  • Kaylla

    I really want to read the dc comics and maaybe collect them however I have no idea what order to read them in where to start and how they work, please could someone help me it will be very apprieciated??? Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂 ….. ?

  • Superman

    I can only think of Black Panther from Marvel Comics and John Stewart-Green Lantern for DC. Anyone know any others? Black villains and superheroes? Their is this villain called Black Manta from Aquaman too i think.

  • Stevalicious

    I am creating my own DC comic character using animation. I want mine to be more unique and original. So what are some cliches i should stay away from? And what are some good cliches if any?

  • Joe M

    if bane were to use all the venom in the world could he beat hulk in a fight or is he somewhat limited to the venom he could use? also i think clayface would be able to take on hulk or at least it would be a good fight because clayface can copy other superheroes abilities like the hulks strength. so right there he has the strength and also he can manuplate and alter his physical form. he is also made of clay so he is very tough and i am not saying hulk isnt tough i just think clayface would win because he can gain the strength of hulk and also he has the other abilities like altering his physical form. while the hulk would lose control clayface would probably beat him.

  • sick_mick_101

    I don’t get how they’re going to reboot it.. Will be it be like infinite crisis again? Also will they just start batman from the beginning to bring back the status quo and just totally ignore batman inc and all other related events? Grant morrison ruined the series with his “twists”, stupidly dark and exaggerated storylines but how will dc comics fix it? I like the new costume though, hopefully the new batman will be better.

  • unbleevable39

    I heard that on the Nook Tablet you can only read Marvel Comics and on the Kindle Fire you can only read DC Comics.Is this true?

  • heavenly sword

    I recently bought the first few issues of the “New 52” DC Comics Batman series with hopes of actually collecting the line of comics. I’ve always been confused by the old jumble of Batman comics, and I thought this would be a good chance to become acquainted with the stories themselves. However, I have no idea how many issues there will be… there are about 4 out right now, with 3 more definitely coming, but there’s absolutely no specifications as to how many there will be total.

  • RxP DarkBox

    They have been doing it for years. Why? They each have different methods and styles of how they approach comics. IMO I think DC is better for the most part. Marvel derives a lot of their stuff from DC. I think they only reason people talk about them so much is that they are the Big Two- the two biggest publishers in comics and everyone knows who they are.
    Dustin I disagree. DC is more realistic. They take the classical more traditional approach to comics.

  • Gamer959

    Just a random comic question. Who would win in a battle, DC Comics Deathstroke or Marvels Deadpool?

  • mmminja

    I’ve never been super into DC comics but I know my basics. If I wanted to start reading DC from “The New 52” or “Flashpoint” or whatever their reboot is called, what do I start with? What series (plural), issues, etc? Thanks!

  • ibjammin44

    We know that in DC Comics, there are 9 Lantern Corps: Green (Willpower), Yellow (Fear), Red (Rage), Orange (Avarice), Blue (Hope), Indigo (Compassion), Violet (love), White (Life), and Black (Death). What other colors would you like to see in DC Comics, and what emotions would they correspond to? Personally, I would like to see a Grey Lantern Corps, representing ambivalence.

  • musicistabest

    I want to know everything about all the characters in marvel and dc including major events, main heroes, teams, secondary characters but without reading them, I don’t have money for a million comics.

  • Patrick

    What will the next DC Comics based movie in 2013 be after the release of “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Man of Steel” next year?

  • tefa_96

    I asked this question before–How do I go about buying a prototype toy from Bandai which they showcased at the Toyfare but cancelled the line before it came out.

    Someone stated that it’s hard to obtain a prototype like that because they’re not the manufacturers and the manufacturers own the license to sell. I’m guessing DC Comics is the manufacturer since the toys are DC Comics characters. Can anyone help on how I go about trying to buy a prototype toy from the manufacturer of DC?

  • Scott W

    I am looking for someplace that can tell me when DC comics plans to put out new comic books (such as how I was unaware of Huntress until it was the day of). Text Message (phone)/e-mail would be the most preferred method. I am also looking for one that would alert me on which comic books will be coming out each week.

  • Sergeant Pickle

    Not the heroes patchs…I am looking for the actual DC Comics company logo in an embroidered patch form.