Walk (or Run) Like An Egyptian With Uncharted 3's New Ancient Themed DLC

If you’re a fan of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer, be sure to obtain Naughty Dog‘s final themed DLC: the Ancient Themed DLC.  The Ancient Themed DLC includes ancient masks such as a Japanese Mask, an Aztec Mask, a Moai Mask, and many others!  You can purchase the items separately or as a bundle for $9.99.  Check out all of the items available in the Ancient Themed DLC here!  To get your hands on the Egyptian Mask, you must purchase the DLC as a bundle, but be aware that the Egyptian Mask is exclusive to Chloe.

There will also be new items added to the Uncharted 3 Tournament Mode.  If you make it to the bronze and silver tiers, you can unlock the new, modern “circuit” (patterned) items and if you make it to gold and platinum, you have the chance of unlocking more Ancient Themed items like Sully’s Tengu Mask, Talbot’s Dive Helmet, or Drake’s Raptor Mask.  Check out the new Tournament Mode items here!

Happy Treasure Hunting!

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