Wakfu | Trool Fair Arrives in Patch 1.4

  • Gort15


  • Ryan Z

    I’ve got an overwhealming urge to watch this show now that I’ve heard about it.

  • mmminja

    I want to write the stories for games and I want to work with Square Enix. I’m in school right now so what classes should I focus on mostly to get there?
    I’ve had my English teachers read parts of my stories and they are interested with my work.

  • Spider Pc

    I made an AMV from Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, I worked on it all day and now it’s blocked in all countries, the only person who can view it is me when I’m logged in. I really want to upload it as it took away a day of my life and because to me, it’s pretty neat.

    So, how, if possible, do I get permission from Square Enix to use Final Fantasy: Advent Children?

  • Spider Pc

    I’m really into the Final Fantasy video game series and games like that. I’ve recently noticed that up untill about 2003, the games were being produced by a company called Square Soft. But I’ve noticed that the games that have been produced thereafter are by a company called Square Enix. Was Square Enix once Square Soft or are they completely unrelated?

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    and a link to a news story would definately get yours chosen best answers
    Come on, put a little effort into it. Barak’s brother… come on lady…
    Wow, I read the article and I guess there is merit in that one.

  • Benihana

    Like why are some final fantasies made by Squaresoft and others Square Enix?

  • Sriram R

    What programming software does Square-Enix use to create their Final Fantasy games, and their in game CGI scenes?

    Also what kind of laptop can I get to program and output my games at such a horsepower?

  • Lasagna delivery guy

    Trolcan you explain what mean here ?
    Yup, another troll, how do they get past the gate

  • fattiemanny

    would like to make celery salad cut like that, do I need a spwcial trool what is and where to find one.

  • _marky_mark_

    I want to email square enix with a game idea. I don’t think they would pay attention to me but I want to email them anyways. If you can give me the email address I’m asking for then thanks!!! 🙂
    Please Don’t Say That I’m Wasting My Time or Anything Like That.

  • Larry R

    This might be more of an issue with Ankama itself, but I recently learned about Wakfu and wanted to play the game.
    I click on “create an account”, fill everything out the way the instructions tell me to do, and when I click on “register”… nothing happens. Then if I click again, it says “Fields are empty or invalid.” But they’re not, I did them exactly how they instructed. I’m running firefox in Widows 7, and I’ve already tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Am I just screwed and not allowed to play?
    I also tried to go on Ankama’s website to create an account. No go.
    Jadir, that did not work either.

  • Travoiz

    I had a Dofus account about 4 years ago with some good characters on it and i feel like playin again but i can’t remember my account name tho i think i remember the password. i’ve tried to email ankama but first i have to fill out a form i hav it all filled out but it keeps asking “You must enter a city” even tho i hav it keeps sayin it. so is there another way to get in contact with someone???