VIDEO: Ubisoft Game Director Talks About For Honor Gameplay, Factions, & Multiplayer

At an Ubisoft event in San Francisco I got the opportunity to play a few hours of For Honor’s new gameplay modes, and for the first time, some parts of the singleplayer campaign.

In this video, I’m going to be sharing with you my interview with For Honor Game Director, Roman. He talks about some of the gameplay elements and mechanics that make For Honor unique, and hopefully a really successful game. One of the most interesting elements is the cross-platform faction war, which governs the dynamics of the game. So without blabbing on too much, here’s my interview with Roman, hope you like it!

Watch For Honor Preview & Interview (Gameplay, Factions, & Multiplayer) Game Director Roman Campos Oriola


For specifics on the singleplayer campaign, I’m actually honored to have had the chance to talk to the Creative Director behind For Honor, the man responsible for the lore and history in the game – and from the singleplayer bits I played, I got hooked. So it’s my honest opinion that the singleplayer is pretty awesome, and while I of course didn’t play the full campaign, the parts of the campaign I did get to play didn’t feel shoehorned in, which gives me great hope for the campaign mode, and the game overall, when it releases.

The game is fun, the mechanics are different, easy to grasp, tough to master. The warriors are diverse, and did I already mention that the game is fun as hell?

I was told the closed beta goes live in January, which is great because For Honor drops on Valentine’s Day 2017.

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