Video Games Live Setlist at E3 Will Include Journey, Skyrim, Diablo 3, and More

  • Dragongablegold920

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  • Janet Somerville

    I am looking for zip files of video game soundtracks. Looking accross multiple systems. Help please.

  • Elinor Sturgell

    Hello! I’m in need of great video game soundtracks. I’d like to hear:
    -Symphony style soundtracks, NOT 8 BIT OR OTHERWISE
    -Soundtracks from RPGs would make great suggestions

    Thank you!

  • Melissa Nason

    Mine has to be the Final Fantasy games. Between Aerith’s theme and To Zanarkand I can’t think of any game music that I’d rather listen to.

    So, what’s your opinion?

  • Maggie Saucier

    where can i buy video game soundtracks that dont have to be imported from japan. It cost too much for shipping and handling.

  • balinderk2000

    This goes for video game soundtracks that aren’t officially released.

  • Mc L

    there are some videos on youtube simply of video game soundtracks with monetized ads on them.. for example

    You will notice that “video” is just of a video game soundtrack, yet the person has got ads on it. You are not supposed to get monetized ads on unoriginal content, so what gives?

  • Vultre9

    I’m looking for a website that has archived songs/soundtracks for old video games. I’ve found a few websites for specific games (like sonic the hedgehog), but other than that I just have to rip them off youtube one by one. Is there any way I can download them all at the same time? Thanks.


    Does anyone know if capcom will come out with another megaman maverick hunter x for the psp. It would be awsome to see them remake X2. Any info?

  • morbiusdog

    I ordered a game from the Capcom Store two weeks ago and it still hasn’t come yet. I’m currently living in Canada and I ordered with the cheapest shipping which was called “International Post” and the private company that does the shipping for Capcom is “Digital Rivers.” Has anyone ordered from Capcom before and can tell me how long it took?

  • Ray D

    resident evil 1, 2 and 3 are the best games for me. how i wish that capcom could do a remake of these games and make it available for PSP.

  • che-che

    i bought marvel vs capcom on xbox 360. i played it with my friend and he said that there are character that i can unlock. so i beat the single player mode and nothing happen. what do i do?

  • Alex

    I heard it was downloadable on the xbox live arcade, but i simply cant find it. Can anybody tell me which categories to pick on the dashboard in order to find it?

  • Kevin

    I mean, obviously no one can know for certain, but has anyone ever pre ordered something from the Capcom store? How long does it take for them to get it to you?

  • Kevin

    Is Marvel vs. Capcom 2 good for your first fighting game?
    I’ve never owned a fighting game before, and I’ve only played Street Fighter like once. Would MvC2 be a good start? How hard is it to learn how to play and stuff.

  • zaclo

    Is there a free website to download the video game marvel vs capcom that is compatible with the mac?

  • Ray D

    OK so I’m trying to ind Ghost Rider in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but I’m not finding him. Do I have to unlock him?The last person I unlocked is Task Master. I tried to find him in the Playstation Store but no sign of him. Do I need Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to get him? Because I don’t have that.

  • thexbox360player

    I own marvel vs. Capcom 3 fate of two worlds and when its in the system and there is an intense match were many buttons are pressed it powers down please let me know if it happens to you.

  • Jenna

    Does any one know a good tatsunoko vs capcom website or forum??

  • ttocs

    Where can I download the Earthworm Jim Anthology album in a zip. file? It’s from Tommy Tallarico, but I can’t buy it. I only need one track, “What the Heck?!” by the Oneups. If you know where to download either of these, please answer!

  • Jermaine J

    I want to play Capcom vs Marvel online and none of my emulators recognized them(mvc roms) for some reason,so can someone give a link to where I can find an emulator that’s commonly used on kaillera?

  • Ryan Dunn

    I’m playing Marvel VS Capcom 3, and I want to know if it’s possible to even kill Dante using Deadpool. If it is possible, how would I go about it, to successfully do it?

  • turg143

    i got the ultimate pack for marvel versus capcom 3( just marvel versus capcom 3 not ultimate mvc3) but the costumes wont show i know you press x for one costume square for the 2nd one and so on but what do i press for the bought costumes? start or select wont work…what do i need to do to activate it or to chose them…the pack did download but i dont know whats wrong!

  • kerrin marz

    I herd rumors of a Nintendo vs Capcom game, either going to be made or in the making, with matches such as Megaman vs Samus etc. Right now I’m unsure wether this is true or not. If so, could I get some more details? Such as stages or fighters.

  • Sriram R

    I just want to know how much (roughly) will Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be.

  • Brian

    I am particularly interested in getting the Halo trilogys soundtrack, the full Fallout quadrillogy soundtrack & the Borderlands soundtrack. What site or sites would you recommend?