VIDEO: 10 Things We Know About Mass Effect Andromeda

With each new passing month we are getting more details about Mass Effect Andromeda. Here’s a list of 10 we know about Bioware’s next space odyssey.

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of those titles that got us all incredibly excited during last E3. Really, even if the trailer didn’t feature more than glimpses of gameplay, Bioware’s showcase was powerful. It definitely told the story of an ambitious game.

Of course, it would have been very nice to lay our hands on a playable demo back in June. But it seems that Bioware wants to keep us wondering. To some extent, of course. Because there are certain facts that have been already confirmed and details that have been leaked.

It’s likely that we’ll get more juicy details about Andromeda in the coming months. N7 Day is happening on November 7th and this means we’ll get another trailer or probably a bigger announcement. But for the time being, let’s review those 10 facts we know so far!

We’re Starting Anew

Mass Effect Andromeda is about exploring a new galaxy. We’ll say goodbye to the Milky Way for good and venture hundreds of years into the future.

Everything we have seen so far in the trailers pinpoints to an expedition of Citadel colonists to Andromeda with the hopes of protecting their civilization. An Ark of sorts, Bioware’s equivalent to the Foundation from Asimov…you name it. In this sense, it’s also possible we will see some references to the Reaper invasion at the beginning of the game.

This also means that the story of Shepard is finished, done, over and out. And yes, some people got their Shepard to survive the blast of the Citadel, and yes, we heard the voice of “femShep” during the last N7 Day trailer. But folks, it’s time to move on!

We’ve Got A New Hero

Mass Effect Andromeda
Ryder wakes up in a brand new galaxy.

Andromeda’s next badass legend is called Ryder although some leaks pinpoint to a more stylish name: The Pathfinder. In the last trailer we saw the female variant getting up from a cryogenic suspension and breathing with relief. Of course, you’ll also be able to play Ryder as a male. Bioware has also said that Ryder’s journey will be that one from colonist to hero, as opposed to Shepard’s destiny, which was a tad more messianic…

There are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Now, if you think about the very first trailer that Bioware pulled out, we saw another figure. A man dressed with a black N7 armor, fighting his way through different battlefields. Bioware has confirmed that this N7 guy is not the protagonist. So who on Earth is that guy and why did they showed him on the first place?

Some folks are going wild on the Internet with all sorts of speculations. So far, the main theory is that this guy is probably one of the villains, if not the main mastermind behind it all. But hey, do not quote us on this yet!

On top of that, we can safely assume that the Andromeda galaxy will not be empty. There will be for sure some sort of antagonizing race. After all, we’ll be the new guys in the “hood” and nothing prevents the Andromeda races from getting a little bit touchy about that.

We’ve Got Diversity

Mass Effect Andromeda
Krogan spotted!

If the colonists that arrive at Andromeda are sent by the Citadel council, then it’s quite likely we’ll see a great deal of races from the original games. For instance, the presence of Krogan and Asari has been confirmed by the trailers and, of course, a new plethora of weird alien creatures.

Some leaks also mention the remains of a powerful alien race, the Remnant. Allegedly, their forgotten technology holds the key to gaining power to certain regions of the galaxy. I do not know about you, guys, but this reminds me a lot of the Protheans. And something tells me that this N7 guy is probably seeking some of those artifacts. We’ll see.

Exploration is Key

Bioware has confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will inherit some of the gameplay systems they started with Dragon Age Inquisition. One of those will be the exploration element, which makes total sense for a colonist setting when you think about it.

Apparently the galaxy map for Andromeda will be HUGE (at least 3-4 times the size of the Mass Effect 3 galaxy maps). So our bet goes for a system of outposts similar to Inquisition, where you will gain control over an area the more camps you create, and probably a lot of gathering for resources.

The Mako is back!

Mass Effect Andromeda
The legend is back!

Admit it, one of the biggest wonders (or pains, it depends) from Mass Effect 1 was driving that sturdy vehicle known as the Mako. Well, get ready for its comeback! Bioware has confirmed that we’ll be using it quite a lot in our adventures but fear not, my friends. They have also confirmed that it comes with tons of improvements and a brand new driving style.

It looked certainly badass in the last E3 trailer. At least, more badass than the last time we drove. So it’s safe to assume that those days of clumsy rides are over. Finally!

More Customization for Everyone

Mass Effect 2 and 3 saw progressive  limitations when it came to weapon and equipment customization, not only for Shepard but for all the companions. It seems that Andromeda is set to rectify that. Again, another Dragon Age legacy which we cannot but cherish. In this way, we’ll be able to fully customize the appearance and weapons of our squad via the acquisition of schemes and designs through the game.

There Will Be Multiplayer

Mass Effect Andromeda

This should not come as a surprise if you have been playing the latest Bioware titles. both Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition came with a multiplayer layer, based in Co-Op missions. While not being essential to proceed with the game, this multiplayer aspect brought certain advantages to your main campaign or simply allowed you to play with friends.

So there will definitely be a multiplayer aspect to Mass Effect Andromeda. However, details on how this mode will play out are still thin on the ground.

Say Goodbye to the Old Morality SystemMass Effect Andromeda

Remember the blue and red moral charts of the original trilogy? That clear separation between Renegade and Paragon? Well, all of that is gone! Bioware creative director Mac Walters has confirmed recently that Mass Effect Andromeda is bringing way more “shades of grey” to the moral options inside Andromeda. This will make for juicier situations overall.

The Arrival Date

Originally planned for the end of 2016, Bioware announced before E3 that they had to postpone the release date to 2017. The game will come for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and, if nothing changes during the next months, we’ll be able to play it around March. That’s around 8 months of waiting… so you better get yourself well-supplied with patience!

What about you, guys? Are you as excited for Mass Effect Andromeda as we are? Do you think the N7 guy is indeed the villain? What kind of adventures are you expecting to see in the next game? Take a moment and let us know what you think in the comment section down below!

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