Valkyrie Needs Gauntlet Badly

The 1985 arcade classic Gauntlet from Atari games is making a comeback! Thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios, Gauntlet is making a return, this time to Steam and later on, Steam Machines.

“With Gauntlet we combined the arcade style of the original game with an entirely new look and feature set that includes emergent, local and online four-player gameplay. Gauntlet will be the first title in the WB Games Vault portfolio, which will provide us with an opportunity to access emerging talent within the game development community and match unique skills and experience with our extensive library of properties.” – David Haddad of WB Interactive Entertainment.

Gauntlet was a classic arcade game that allowed up to four people to play together as either a wizard, valkyrie, warrior, or elf. Sadly no word about Pojo.

This over the top dungeon crawler game is expected to be released this summer. Gauntlet has been featured on consoles after the arcade release. Such systems include NES and Nintendo DS. It also spawned other games in the series.

Check out the announcement trailer to see how much Gauntlet has changed. And remember, don’t shoot the food.


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