UrgentFury Dust Playstation 3 Tournament | Two Weeks of Starhawk

  • Shadowcat867

    This game is garbage, its always been, the devs suck.

  • Patty Guest

    When does it commence and end, very first of all, and is it good? I jist acquired uncharted 3 and a sheet arrived with it for beta.

    • Shane

      The tournament begins on the 14th of May and each event will run for 2 weeks. There are 6 separate events. The full schedule can be found at

  • Marcia Hester

    I have a Canon SD450 and when I take night time shots, I occasionally get these blurred spots on my pictures. It seems to be like dirt got into my digital camera via the little crevices and via the retractable lens and is only obvious even though using night time shots. Day pictures I guess you will find adequate light to drown out the dust. The dust is not on the external lens…I’ve cleaned it with a dust cloth and it can be spotless but the spots nevertheless appear. Is there a way to blow/suck out the dust from the internal side of the lens?

  • Abbey Spencer

    does anyone have an Starhawk beta code that they do not need?

    for illustration , if you are Plus member and also acquired Uncharted 3 which includes a code for Starhawk beta , so that leaves with an extra code.

    • Shane

      The beta has been over since the end of March, the game comes out May 8th.

  • Elinor Tuten

    When does it start off and end, very first of all, and is it good? I jist purchased uncharted 3 and a sheet came with it for beta.

  • Dollie Mccrystal

    I have a basketball tournament this week and I know I will have 2 video games two hrs apart. I also have a lacrosse sport early in the day. How can I renew my muscle tissue so I have very good legs? (I know this is a great deal for 1 day but the lacrosse is not normally played on the exact same day). I know not to consider baths…but should I ice up my legs? Thanks.

  • Elinor Sturgell

    I received an e mail from Playstation offering me a code for the Starhawk personal Beta. I experimented with redeeming it as the directions tell me to and it states the code is invalid or has by now been used. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Louisa Ellman

    The new tank just arrived out and i seen that it has two distinct weapons. One shoots straight forward whilst the other a single shoots at an arch. How do you transform the weapons on the tank?

  • Malcolm Hudson

    Since it’s still new, I can convince my mom to help me pay for it, (I can afford most of it) but I wanna know if it’s worth it. I haven’t played Warhawk except for the demo. I’m really looking for long, detailed answers here, the most helpful one (usually the one naming what you liked and didn’t like about it and if you recommend it) will get 10 points.

  • Joe T

    All three games received similar scores on metacritic and I am unsure which to purchase. I am looking for a game that has:
    1) A good, long single player campaign
    2) An addicting multiplayer with plenty of upgrades and perks while leveling up
    3) Plays well and doesn’t become repetitive/boring
    Thank you and I hope you have played all if not most of the games so I can come to a good conclusion.

  • mal_functiongeo

    Rate my yugioh insect deck please. Trying to enter a tournament this week and I want advice. Tell me what you’d rate it out of 10 and what cards you would take out/put in. Thanks!

    Monsters lvl 4 and below (15)
    Aztekipede The Worm Warrior (2)
    Ultimate Insect Lvl 3 (3)
    Howling Insect (3)
    Pinch Hopper (3)
    Cross Sword Beetle (2)
    Desert Protector (1)
    Chainsaw Insect (1)

    Monsters lvl 5 and above (8)
    Ultimate Insect Lvl 5 (2)
    Ultimate Insect lvl 7 (2)
    Brain Crusher (1)
    Doom Dozer (3)
    Spell Cards: (7)

    Forest (1)
    Insect Neglect (1)
    Solidarity (1)
    Shield Crush (1)
    Insect Imitation (1)
    Lightning Vortex (1)
    Mystical Space Typhoon (1)

    Trap Cards (11)
    Seven tools of the bandit (3)
    Spell Shield Type 8 (2)
    Dust Tornado (1)
    Magical Cylinder (1)
    Lair Wire (3)
    Mirror Force (1)
    Actually, all the insects go together as a theme. And if they have insect barrier, I have mystical space typhoon, heavy storm, to stop it. and I have spell shield type 8 to prevent it from even going up. I want some actual advice, Not some “don’t use insects” crap. I’ve seen many type-specific decks like pyros that have done really well, and I feel this insect deck has a lot of potential.

  • uberfailz

    does anybody have an Starhawk beta code that they do not need?

    for example , if you are Plus member and also bought Uncharted 3 which contains a code for Starhawk beta , so that leaves with an extra code.

  • lucasg615

    Okay so now it’s Week 2 of this competition.
    The tournament this week(and next week) is the Australian Open.
    I hope, by now, you all know what the rules are.

    Anyways here are the draws.'s_Singles's_Singles

    Just in case you still don’t know the rules, I will post the link:;_ylt=AvYin0m_.41YWO18nZZ5Isrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101229020507AArhqNP

    Remember: Grand Slams are worth more points 🙂

  • Mistry

    Can someone email me a beta code for Starhawk and what can you do with a beta code?

  • NC Baller

    I still play Warhawk pretty regularly. When the sequel comes out, are they changing all the dedicated/official servers to be used for Starhawk?

    That would really suck if Starhawk doesn’t turn out so great. I’d still like to play Warhawk anyways.

  • Dr Dorian

    Im in the Yahoo Fantasy Golf Pool, I have already chosen RIckie Fowler (Im not changing that), but who should I pick for my back up guy:

    Brendon de Jonge- Zimbabwe- 6’0- 230 lbs Best Finishes: T3- Puerto Rico Open, T-9 The Honda Classic, T33 Bob Hope Classic.
    Reason: The reason I picked him is because he is doing well in the past 2 weeks and he is a huge sleeper pick.

    John Senden- Australia- 6’3- 193 lbs- Best Finishes: T11- WGC-CA Championship, T27 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, T39 Bob Hope Classic.
    Reason: I feel like the CA Championship could be the “kick in the butt” he needed, and he has a lot of potential if you like at performances from last season (ex. Buick Open).