Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – It's Mahvel, baby

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is more than just a character expansion, but it’s certainly not lacking in that department.

Adding a full 12 new characters to the mix while including the same roster of 38 from Marvel vs Capcom 3, Capcom is hoping that their tweaking and fixes over the original game will be enough extra to convince you to buy this updated version.

While no price has been set, going off of Capcom’s previous re-release efforts in recent years – mainly Street Fighter 4, you might expect to pay around $40 for a new copy. If the prospect of reuniting with Strider doesn’t quite convince you – maybe these gameplay changes will.

But dudes, Firebrand is in this game. This is insanity.

  • X-Factor damage is being reduced in all three levels.
  • It’s possible to X-Factor in the air to chain combos together.
  • Team Aerial combos now drain your opponent’s hyper meter.

There’s no telling if the above list are the only significant changes we’re going to find within general gameplay, we’ll know more as the release date approaches. From the perspective of someone that plays MvC3 – these changes are pretty enticing. I love the idea of making X-Factor a deeper mechanic. These two X-Factor changes alone are going to completely change how everyone approaches the game. Some may argue that MvC3 is fine how it is – but I can’t help but feel like X-Factor is too much of a panic button than it is a strategic option in its current state. The Team Aerial combo buff is also pretty significant, they’re setting it up as a risk/reward system and I appreciate that. Using Team Aerial combos in MvC3 is essentially all risk and no reward, so it’s nice to see them make this mechanic relevant.

Yeah, it sucks that Capcom didn’t just roll these gameplay changes out in patches to MvC3. There’s no arguing against that. After the initial nerf of Sentinel it felt as if they were putting the game on the back-burner. There has been a distinctive drought in patching and in DLC characters rolling out. We were lucky enough to get Jill and Shuma Gorath. I mean, it’s better than nothing – right? Obviously it’s not an ideal situation for the consumer; you could possibly consider it anti-consumer. But the fact remains that this is a business industry and you always have the choice to bite the bullet or not when something like this arises. For me – I’m hungry for more Mahvel, baby. So long as Capcom keeps this a budget priced title, I’m in. If it came out at $60 I’d be fishing for a used copy somewhere down the line. We’ll be covering more of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 so stay tuned for that!

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