Ubisoft Teases Us With A Mysterious Upcoming Announcement


Ubisoft has got us starting our Mondays guessing. The French video game developer is currently streaming a video and building up anticipation for an upcoming announcement.  The video is in a mysterious cave with a painting of a pre-historic person presumably covered in armor holding a bow in one hand and a spear in the other. Eerie music plays in the background, animals growl, and tribal chanting combine to have us wondering what Ubisoft has got up their sleeves with this little teaser.

What could this announcement be for? A new title? It’s a safe bet that its not for Rainbow Six: Siege or The Division. Its possible that it could be an announcement that’s tied to For Honor, which is a 3-person melee fighting game that has yet to have a release date. Then again it could be a peak into a new up and coming Far Cry, which is their open world survival series. The video description also states, “survival is timeless” which has always been a core theme in the Far Cry franchise.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for this announcement, but sound off in the comments below and lets us know what you think Ubisoft will be announcing.

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