Ubisoft Releases New Inauguration Trailer and Screenshots for Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist is the next action-packed installment of the popular Tom Clancy series: Splinter Cell. And, it appears that this next title is going to be THE title to pick up.

It’s hard to believe that the this whole sneaking craze started ten years ago. The first Splinter Cell was 97% sneaking around and 3% shooting. Well, Blacklist is a different beast from the original. New tools like “Killing-In-Motion” system allow players to attack head-on, while decreasing the players whereabouts. This is done through lighting-quick attacks, where players can strategically mark enemies furthest away from Sam to be executed fast, while he engages in close-quarters-combat with the closets targets in one quick strike. The feature looks impressively fluid, but who knows what the learning curve might be to achieve truly smooth interaction with the targets, I mean A.I.


Splinter Cell also follows with a new storyline and setting: the modern world. It’s yet to be seen if  this will be another “me-too” game set in the modern era, but I’m willing to bet that this game isn’t just cashing in on the modern era style of game due to lack of originality.


Use all new weapons and gadgets to take down the new terrorist and get to the bottom of “The Blacklist” threatening U.S. assets.


Splinter Cell Blacklist will launch in North America on August 20 for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows-based PC and will be rated M, for Mature. Watch the full-fledged Inauguration trailer below.

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