Ubisoft Contract Jeff Broadbent for the I Am Alive Soundtrack

  • Jarod

    Great music, definitely looking forward to it.


    Ok so i have about 80 people invited to my sweet 16 house party but i have no grasp of counting people if u kno what i mean .. I dont kno if i thats too much or if i can fit them in my house? My house Is big enuf lyk? Will that be too crowded too little or what?

  • Echo

    I recently moved from NY to CT, (about an hour drive -___-) and I wanna get all my friends together, cause my parents might go away soon and I wanna know how to make sure everyone gets here and all that good stuff. I can have people crash at my house, cause it’s HUGE, and yeahh the typical teen party, booze rahrahrah.. help?