Turn Up Your Virtual Style This Summer with The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack

Thanks to a collaboration recently announced by the Maxis Label of Electronic Arts, global lifestyle brand Diesel and its streetwear spinoff 55DSL are bringing their 2012 Spring/Summer apparel and furniture collections to do up your Sim’s duds and digs.

The same tops, denim, and outerwear pieces available now from the Diesel online store and retail locations can be purchased for your Sims 3 characters with The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack. Available for pre-order at the official website for $19.99, the bundle includes over 36 articles of the distinguished brand’s dresses, jackets and denim. Give your surroundings the same treatment with a dozen items including sofas, coffee tables and a bed that fans of Diesel and 55DSL have spotted as real life items on Diesel.com.

Jennifer Lane, Producer at The Sims Studio, explains their motivation to bring refined flair of a real clothing line to their groundbreaking game series:

[quote]“We always look to create content in stuff packs for The Sims that give our players cool items that play into their inherent creativity and give them new tools to play with life. Diesel’s brand of rock-and-roll meets refined denim fashion style speaks to our fans’ love of clothing and home furnishings. What is particularly exciting is you can see the latest fashions in the Diesel stores, wear them in real life and bring them into the virtual world of The Sims to enrich your Sims’ lives and modernize their neighborhood.”[/quote]

Be sure to rock the successful lifestyle with the chic, modern, and casual look of Diesel fashion and furniture in your virtual world as soon as The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack is available in stores worldwide later this summer.




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