Tribes: Ascend | Stayin' Alive Update

Tribes: Ascend continues its path of destruction with its most recent update, titled “Staying Alive” (because of the Brute’s “disco-loving nature”) that focuses on the Brute class with new weapons and modules.

First off is a pistol called the Gladiator.  The Gladiator fires “an explosive projectile that sticks to  surfaces.” But, as is Tribes‘ way, it’s more complex than that. If you hit a player, it explodes immediately, doing the highest amount of damage.  When it detonates, it releases three explosions, each one dealing less damage than the last. The guys at Hi-Rez points out that it’s a great weapon against generators and area-denial.

Secondly, the Plasma Cannon is being added to the mix.  It’s essentially a bigger, heavier version of the already included Plasma Gun, which does more damage and fires slowly.  As a Brute, you’ll be able to choose it as a secondary option, and it can turn you into a hard-punching maniac in no time!

Finally, Brutes have access to the Survival Pack, which gives a larger total  health pool, a small boost to total energy, an increase to energy regen, and increases the Brute’s running speed.  While not as specialized, Hi-Rez suggests that it’s a great item for enclosed spaces, since you have a wider variety of buffs than before.

While note Brute specific, Hi-Rez will also adding a new feature, partnering with TwitchTV, called Watch Now.  Inside the Watch Now menu, you’ll have access to

  • The Latest from Hi-Rez
  • Community Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Live Stream

Each option will give you different types of videos, from goofy, funny videos, tips to playing your favorite clip, behind-the-scenes videos from Hi-Rez, and the ability to watch your favorite players live during their matches.

It seems like a big addition to the Tribes: Ascend game, and may be worth checking out if you haven’t picked up the title in a while.

What’s your favorite feature of the “Staying Alive” update? Leave a comment and let us know!

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